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  1. Soooooo....I see 14 options on Fremen's marketplace page, but no Classic/Hard Rock pack. What am I missing?
  2. What Phil said. You need to save each preset on the First snapshot which means after a show, or after a song, you need to go back to the first snapshot and save the preset.
  3. I will echo the sentiments on the Grammatico and POT/KOT additions. Top notch. I haven't had my unit long and was pleased as punch with 2.71 so all of these additions from in 2.81 have been super nice. I don't know how long the wait was between firmware updates but I really don't care. The amps and pedals in this free update alone are worth the price of admission. I've had nothing but compliments, and some genuine surprise, at gigs when people find out I'm running a Helix now. And I even build my patches on my IEMs before slight tweaking at rehearsal! All in all I couldn't be more pleased with this thing.
  4. Duo 34 probably gives you what you're after with room to grow, if you're committed to TA stuff.
  5. Would you maybe be better off running a small board next to the Helix with your external pedals on that?
  6. The Depending on the size and nature of your pedals you could go with the Duo 34 or Trio 28. But like Phil said, the 24 will just hold the Helix. That said, they guy I bought my Helix from had his mounted on a Temple Audio board, FWIW.
  7. I have a limited post history AND no issues with 2.81! I'm an outlier! Though I will say that I lurked here and waited on 2.8 just to be safe, and since I haven't had my Helix for very long.
  8. Yes. Totally get that. I was just surprised that the setting was so much lower for that channel than, say, the other guitar player's mic'd cab. This is the info I was looking to verify. Thanks for making it perfectly clear. On the TF board, the digital gain is the gain...if that makes sense. There's a lovely little image like a tuner that lets you know if your gain for that input is too low, too high, or just right (see photo). Once I got the gain settled down, the faders looked much like you'd expect instead of my channel being at -50 and everyone else being at or near 0. Based on your and DunedinDragon's replies, I definitely need to go back and adjust patch volumes if I want to continue with having the XLR out disconnected, which I do. So that's what I'll do now. I have some time before the next gig so I should be able to get it done. If not - I'll stick with the big knob for now. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to outline some of the finer points.
  9. So now this might be a stupid (or blatantly obvious to some) question, but now I'm guessing I should be checking patch/snapshot levels in a DAW with the XLR out setting maxed? We have a Yamaha TF digital board and I tried the XLR disconnected from the big knob bit this weekend and I had to have the channel gain at 2 to avoid constant peak. It is Mic level and still HOT AF to the board. Would an easy enough solution be to run max volume Helix into my board, then board to laptop and set patch levels in a DAW? I would much rather have the big knob disengaged playing live but don't need such a hot signal going to the board. Sorry if I sound like a dunce...just trying to be clear on my end. Great post BTW.
  10. For all of you on the edge of your seats still...it was the input on the cab.
  11. I'll grab a Speakon tomorrow and see if that works maybe. Or just grab an XLR too.
  12. Hi all. I've searched and not having any luck... I have an EV SXA250 and I'm not getting any sound from the Helix to it. 1/4 out from Helix to EV (tried both Multi and 1/4" on the Helix output) and I have sound to headphones, and into my Egnater amp. Unplugging from amp to EV yields nothing. So...sanity check here - it's got to be the line in on the EV, yeah? Thanks in advance.
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