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  1. Thank you for your responses. It was HX Edit that upgraded the firmware, which bricked the HELIX. I don't think it's entirely unreasonable for the software provided by the vendor to be robust enough to update firmware on its own, without needing the user to boot in safe mode and install manually downloaded patches. But that's beside the point, I can live with that. A less tech-savvy user might not. Before I made this thread I of course troubleshot the error, and 1) Changed the power settings and USB settings (via Decide manager) to not turn off the USB hubs to save power 2) Found out who the USB driver provider was (Microsoft) and uninstalled the drivers, and afterwards checked that no new drivers were available via Windows Update 3) Ran the Windows hardware troubleshooter, no issues here. Having done the "obvious fixes", and seeing that the issue was not resolved, I created this thread. I assumed that it would be the new thing (HELIX) that was the problem, given that I have tried the common fixes, had not had this issue before, and that I did not have the issue before upgrading the firmware.
  2. I've downloaded and installed the driver you're talking about, it did not make a difference. I installed and ran HX Edit successfully before upgrading the firmware, so I assumed everything would be set.
  3. To my knowledge no additional software was needed to use the HELIX? Regardless, I downloaded "Line 6 Helix Driver2 v1.96" and installed this, and restarted. It did not make a difference. EDIT: Looked up the "firmware release notes": Per their recommendations I have performed a factory reset. However this did not make a difference either.
  4. Hi there HELIX-lovers! I recently upgraded the firmware on my new HELIX (which ofcourse bricked it, but I fixed it via the forums, others had the same issue). Since then, when I plug the HELIX into my computer via USB, I get a warning in Windows: The warning comes up every 5 seconds, so I have to disconnect the HELIX. The PC does not recognize the HELIX during this time. I did not have this problem before upgrading my firmware. The USB drivers are published by Microsoft according to Device manager, and according to Microsoft Update the drivers are up to date. Has anyone had the same issue and know a fix for this? The HELIX obviously has its own power supply, so it doesn't make sense that it would try to siphon form the USB port. I only have mouse and keyboard plugged in, aside form the HELIX. Thank you!
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