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  1. Good point, I've already had the Helix floor and the Helix LT, but in the end found them too big and cumbersome for traveling. My absolute size limit is what could fit on a Metro 16 board, and that leaves the HX Effects with a Mooer Micro Pre (or similar) or the HX Stomp and potentially some external switcher for more functionality. The HX Stomp and a MC6 would both fit on a Nano board, so functionality and price aside, that's a huge size and weight difference compared with the Floor and LT.
  2. was afraid that was the case... On the fence between the Stomp or the FX with a micro preamp. Then again, the FX would only give me one more snapshot (is that then also limited to 4 per preset?)
  3. So, been trying to find info on this... Say I have the HX Stomp and a Morningstar MC6 as an external midi controller. Could I then for each preset have all six buttons on the MC6 be 6 different snapshots within a preset and keep the three on the stomp to go between presets and a permanent tap/tempo? Or, is the HX stomp hardwired to only handle 3 stomps, regardless of whatever external footswitch or midi you throw at it?
  4. Have the same issue... opened a ticket as well, no reply yet though. I need to register the unit in order to get Customtone, Otherwise I wouldn't be bothered.
  5. This is one reason I get certain gear from Thomann that offer a full 3 year warranty, regardless of the manufacturer's own warranty. I've only ever used it once, a Apogee Duet card died on me 2.5 years after purchase, got it replaced with a brand new, no hassle at all. Just ordered a LT from them btw ;) I find I don't really use any of the added goodies of the full Helix, and the performance mode of the LT is just genius to be honest.
  6. THIS! I have exactly the same issue. BOSS got it right, using a separate foot switch to continue looping and recording, or the option to stop the recorded loop from repeating. I do a lot of recording parts of verses of choruses to come back to later for doing lead over, this becomes a bit messy having to do two stomps, and can easily throw you off the groove (not to mention, if I were to let it play on and sort "catch up" in a bar or so, the level will de decreased while waiting for new bar to come in on with a double stomp.
  7. Does anyone in here know Thai monster player Vinai Trinateepakdee? he has some of the very best Helix presets I've heard thus far! I hope, wish and pray he will release some preset pack, but thus far he has only shared one that I've seen. Some Ford-type tones Some smooth LP tones and the preset for it (needs a OwnHammer IR) And finally my fave, a strat R&B preset
  8. Another thing struck me. Would it be so that the preset switch needs PC commands right. Then the FX switches will send CC when engaged to activate the boost, but needs to send a PC message when disengaged to make the amp revert back to the "base preset"?
  9. Will try this after work! I do wonder... 1.) I have my basic clean preset, and that with delay and boost off is my default, and thus I have that stored in the amp as well. 2.) I then go in to the global menu and assign both delay and a midi PC to the switch above that one. Question, is the midi PC automatically configured to send only when the switch is engaged (i.e Delay activated)? If so, how do I get it to turn the boost off when I turn the delay off? I got it to do "something" yesterday when trying this, that is, it changed channels on the amp when I activated the delay instead of boost (but that is probably the number wrong). HOWEVER, when I switched that delay/boost stomp of on the helix, the amp did NOT revert back. It's like I can send a message to change something when I activate the switch, but not when I turn it off again. This made me thing, is a there a converter or something I could use to make this work (PC for the presets, and CC for boost, pregain etc)? Found this for example.
  10. Also, what confuses me is that NO other switch thus far has anything assigned to it. In preset mode I just set the amp to whatever I like, hit the "save" toggle on the amp, and it is automatically saved with that patch (all the footswitches in command center reads "none"). So that works flawlessly, but can't seem to find the right way to turn things on and off through midi in the same way I turn FX on and on the physical buttons.
  11. I tried this, and then I got the amp to react when I assigned a number to it, however, it changed channels instead of activating the boost, and when I turned the fx-stomp off, it didn't change back. Do I need to make the amp see a different "Program" number for state within the preset? That is: Base preset "Program no.x", then activate boost "program no.xx" then deactivate it to make it return to the base preset another "program"? DO wish I had taken som crash course in midi at some point, this is all highly frustrating! :wacko:
  12. Well, there you go... I think we're in the same boat. The midi card in mine (custom build from Swedish TappAmps), also only responds to Program Change (I was told by the builder thusly). So... in other words, there's no way for me to do this setup? I'll have to use presets only then?
  13. Hi! Got my Helix this Friday and have spent some time setting things up, it is really transparent, even in my amps extremely transaprent FX-loop there's hardly any discernible tonal change (had to tweak around a bit with line vs instrument level, input impedance etc). HOWEVER!!! Going absolutely crazy here and need HELP! My channel has 4 channels, each channel has boost, pregain, fat-switch and other functions dedicated and midi switchable. So, I set up the helix with bottom row presets (one for each channel) and top row stomps within that preset. This way I can have 5 "variations" on each channel (and 4CM). So, the preset row was easy, I just hit that preset and activate the combinations I want ont he amp, and flip the save toggle on the amp, done! However, example: on preset one (clean), I want the stomp right above that to activate the boost (via midi) and delay at the same time. However, whatever I try in the midi menu it doesn't work. if I save the preset with the delay/boost stomp in off mode and save the amp, fine, that's what engages when I activate that preset. but if I now activate the boost on the amp and hit the delay stomp, and press the save toggle on the amp (not saving on the Helix) it will save that info to the PRESET. So, if I now hit preset two to go to channel two, when I hit preset one again, it will default to the clean channel WITH the boost engaged (and switching the delay stomp on and off does nothing). It's like ONLY the preset row can send midi program change info to the amp PS. for all the presets, I've no assigned ANYTHING to those switches in the global menu, it's like the Helix is still sending something out and the amp saves that info, hence the presets always work just as any midi footswitch I've used in the past, but the stomp row does not. OF course, I could opt to ONLY use presets, but that would leave me with 8 only, I would MUCH rather have it set up as above with on/off switchable stuff within the preset for a total of 20 variations on bank 1 alone. HELP, HILFE, HJÄLP!
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