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  1. i've got a dl4 thats not working- it powers on, passes dry tone through both ins and outs, but does not pass any sound when effect is engaged- all footswitches and knobs appear to be functioning. I just dont get any signal passing when I engage any of the effects. Ive opened it up cleaned everything out with electronics cleaner- I dont see any bad solder joints or corrosion anywhere. Is this the sign that I have a bad EPROM? I tried taking out and reseating the one thats in there but that didnt do anything. Or is the sign of another chip not working properly? Again, the board looks fine. I dont know a ton about electronics but I can check components and voltages and replace components and stuff like that. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I would have gotten the axe iii and floor controller if I could afford it. The helix is awesome but man some of these axe iii amp models just sound absolutely perfect- and the octave and delay effects are approaching strymon and eventide quality. I've been pretty disappointed with the inability to do good organ pog and pitch shifted crystal delays and shimmer verbs, maybe im doing it wrong. i was about to start a toic about getting some of those strymon type delays (besides the basic ones of course) I think its really just the newest plex delay and the ability to put like 5 things in parallel and the axe iii isnt just like the ax8 thatd be like saying the helix is like pod hd500. it has a lollipop ton more processing power than the axe ii xl plus even. I wish axe sounds and amp modeling and flexibility would get together with line 6 interfacing. the fact that the axe controller costs half of what i paid for the helix (which has a wayyyy better foot controller) is ridiculous. the sound quality is pretty amazing. and the tone match and creating your own IR's with it. I love helix- but id love to own em all!
  3. I'm looking for some JBL type speaker impulse responses. I'm interested in any type of JBL 110, 120 or 130 series in any cab... d120, d130, d110, k series, e series. AND any JBL similar speakers like... Beyma liberty, eminence commonwealth, weber california, weber michigan... etc etc etc! I see redwirez has some, but they only have two and I've heard redwirez are outdated by today's impulse response standards... but that was on a post from 2013- so maybe theyve updated since then? I'm new to helix, so please be easy on me. I did try searching these out- Oh and i found some dude posted an e130 IR! i'm gonna go try to use it for now. JBL's and fenders are a killer combo! duane allman used JBL's in his marshall 4x12 with his marshall head to get one of the most legendary guitar tones of all time- seems like theyd be in pretty high demand to get IR'ed! Thanks!
  4. also see the mackie mr824 have a new price of $249 each... or the mr8mkii which can be had for 199 each. drop some opinions on me for helix use and/or home audio/video if you have experience! thanks!
  5. I know this is a p old post. But how are you liking the lsr308's today? I was really considering them expecially since you can get em for $149 each new these days, but then i read some reviews about the cheap enclosure and rattling. I'd imagine mostly using them for guitar would be a lot different than using them for sub bass- but i'd be wanting to use my speakers for bass as well. At this point I mostly play and record at home, but I do sometimes jam with friends- so i'm debating the headrush 112 versus a set of powered studio monitors. anyways- how are you liking them? do you use them for music/home theatre at all? if so, how are they on that level? and OP- what did you go with? how do you feel about them?
  6. Sorry music law. I guess we posted right about the same time as I didn’t see yours before my 2nd post. I’ll try those suggestions. Thanks so much!!
  7. I know its a long post. But i talk about the situation snd how its different in the befinning of the post. My work schedule makes it almost impossible to get ahold of line 6 during their business hours. Can someone from line 6 answer? I think its a pretty good question. So from my understanding someone could buy a helix get get the $300 discount on native software and return it?
  8. so why did you go with the 250ohm if the 80ohm are cheaper (in general you can find them for a decent bit less) and more compatible
  9. Your laptop must have a decent enough sound card. Ive read a bunch that even some lower priced DAC/headphone amps dont have enough power for the 250ohms. Will 80ohms work well with an iphone (one without the headphone jack- where I'd be using the lightning to headphone adapter)- itd be nice to have some good cans for just listening to tunes on the go. and are 16ohms like that much worse quality- I've found some going for less than $80
  10. I'm contemplating buying a used helix. The original owner has the original receipt, but it was purchased about 15 months ago and he said he never registered it online. Would I still be able to register it for the remaining 9 months of the 2 year extended warranty or is it too late to register this thing. From what I've read it looks like this thing is screwed on getting a warranty- which is totally lame because it has proof of purchase inside the warranty period! If thats not kosher could I pay the $99 for the extra 3 year warranty line 6 is offering now? also- how does line 6 track the discount on the helix software discount? someone mentioned in this forum that I need to ask the seller if they used the discount already? what is there just one discount provided per physical unit? it seems like they shouldnt be able to keep the software at the 75% discount if they sell off the thing that got them the huge discount in the first place. What happens here? Thanks so much for the help guys! on a side note that is probably less important- I've read that the helix only supports 16bit IR's while fractal kemper and two notes support 24 bit IR's. I know I'm out of my league here, but I can definitely tell the difference between a 16 bit digital delay and a 32 bit digital delay. Or is that more of the sample rate that I'm hearing- i know two notes supports a whopping 96khz 24 bit IR- and it seems like theyre IR hardware is just amazing. I have loved me some helix sounds- I'm 80% towards helix for ease of use, cost and effects. But man that axe ii and making your own IR's and the increased sample rate are pretty attractive.
  11. So if you want to run two inputs into the helix LT you have to use one of the fx loop returns? on the big boy- Is the aux input stereo? Like could you just run a stereo synth into the aux input? on the LT it has 3 sets of stereo outs- the XLR and 1/4" and the headphone... If I used the main input and the two fx loop returns as inputs could I use the 3 sets of stereo outs (xlr 1/4 and headphone) to get three stereo outputs? Is that even doable on the big guy? three stereo outs from 3 mono in's? assuming i'd be using stereo fx for the need for stereo outs.... probably wouldnt but I'm pretty curious on running a synth and drum machine from a mixer into the helix for maybe just some synced delays. Man i'm already planning like yeh im gonna need to run a mixer with a drum machine and synth before the helix so i can process it and have some strymon and ehx pedals in the fx loop so I can use them on both my guitar and synth! ridic ohhhh, but now I believe I read that you can only use an fx loop on one signal route. or is that one instance of fx loop per route? say I was using multiple signals with different instruments and I had a strymon timeline in the stereo fx loop 1 (on the big helix of course) would I be able to use the strymon on both signals? that seems like it could confuse the lollipop out of the strymon though haha. I'd imagine thats not possible.... I annnndddd.... The helix I was looking at the owner has the original receipt but he bought it in february of 2017 and did not register for the extra year of warranty. it basically says you have to register the warranty within a year to get the extra year on this forum (one of the stickies)- This is a pretty big point for me for security. Does anyone know if I would be able to purchase the 3 year extension warranty from line 6 in this situation? I'd be willing to do that
  12. I see a lot on here about beyerdynamic being a recommended headphone- I've used some beyers before and I dug em- the price is right too. definitely better than the shure 280's i had. Questions- There are like 5 impedance ratings- which one works best with helix? what about other stuff? I've seen 32, 64, 250 (250?) and now i just saw 16ohm! wouldnt you need a pretty solid headphone amp to play the super low impedance versions? is there any real advantage to them? I guess I'd eventually like to have a headphone amp and dac but right now I dont. Also it seems the DT 880's get quite a bit better reviews and they are only SEMI open back- ive owned open back headphones before and thought they sounded amazing, just super natural and 3 dimensional- not as much booming bass but thats a good thing most of the time. however- they SUCK on airplanes and trains though and really anywhere but a DEAD quiet room. even an air conditioner or a fan can mess with them. my question is "how open" are the 880's. can you monitor while recording with condensors or is that a bad idea? thanks a bunch guys and gals!
  13. Word- I've read a few things regarding Line 6's warranty work- one thing I read is that you only get 1 year with a new helix purchase and Line 6 wont even replace it- you have to replace it through the place you bought it- then i saw Line 6 offered an extension. How is the durability of these units? Anyone have one fail completely and just have to get another oor hear about that happening? supposedly the big boy helix has a better chassis which could be nice i suppose. Should I just buy a new one from a place with good return policy like sweetwater? or are they known to be pretty sturdy? what if a helix just crashes and fails with software problems and there is no physical damage at all to the unit as well as no electrical damage from bad power or spikes or whatever? does line 6 own up to this kind of thing? Thanks a bunch!
  14. I just purchased a used Helix for about $100 more than I could get a new LT for... And I'm thinking maybe the LT may be enough for me now! I was under the impression that the Helix LT couldnt support Dual amp/cab paths... but I think I was wrong about that (actually the AX8) regarding the microphone input (because that would be somewhat useful to me) can you run two seperate instruments paths AND a seperate mic path? 3 seperate paths? I'm just thinking id be willing to deal with the LT for a little bit less money and the abilitiy to have a warranty. what is the helix LT warranty? how does line 6 do with warranty issues. I dont think i'd need 4 effects loops for real. and I'd like the scribble strips but I dont think they are nescessary, but I've got a pretty good deal on a used Helix. What do you all think? Sorry i know this has been asked a million times since the LT came out
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