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  1. Hey guys! Hope you are safe during these times! I'm just starting to explore this new side of music (playing with digital workstations) and I have a couple of questions. Bear in mind that I have ZERO experience in this and most of the questions are very basic. I have my Helix LT connected to 2 JBL 305 in my bedroom. Until last week, I would only connect the Helix to my Desktop via UBS to play around with the Helix Editor but a couple of days ago I stumbled upon a video talking about DAWs and I eventually tried Reaper (still on the trial version). From what I read and watched, you can integrate Helix Native with the Reaper via VST. That way you can play with all the cabs, effects and change them on the fly while using the reaper. With that being said, here are my noob questions: - Do you think that buying the Native is necessary? To be honest I have no idea if having the Helix LT, Native and a DAW is a normal thing or a superfluous buy. - Should I also add an external interface to my signal chain or the Helix is good enough as and interface? What I really want from this all experience is not only to learn more about this different side of music, but also to enhance the quality of my videos when I'm playing along with my guitar to a specific song... Thanks for your time! Take care Marco
  2. Howdy! THanks for all the replies! I belive I'll go with the JBL LSR305... I just play in my bed room so I think they will be enough.. Have you guys ever considererd the 308's?? I'm new to this so I wasn't aware of the size/type of room being so influential to speakers... I know that sound travels in space, but I never knew that it would be so crucial in what concerns bass and mids... I have a typical bedroom with my computer, bed and book stand... Some people say that buying the 308's is a waste of money for small bedrooms... To be honest I'm just looking for something to play at low volumes, but of course that sometimes I can crank them bastards xD
  3. Hi guys. Started playing guitar 4 years ago and always had mediocre gear. I know it sounds dumb but sometimes I just stop playing guitar because I hate the sound I'm getting out of my amp (I end up playin my electric guitar unplugged or go for my acoustic). I have a HT5 from blackstar and even though some people love this thing I really don't like it. I don't have a band (and don't intend to) so I just play in my room. When I heard about products like the Helix I was really interested. Now that I've decided to buy the helix I find myself reading about all of these speakers, pa, amps, frfr and I'm just lost. I think I'm going for studio monitors and from what I've read the KrK, Aldos and JLB are the best choice. Is there a big difference between them or I just choose one and go? I leave on a small island and there's no music shop. I need to order and try in my home. Cheers
  4. Thanks again Bill I've read somewhere that the HD 500x runs very smoothly through the cube amps (the20 x for example). I have one around the house so I'll give it a whirl. I think that I'll buy the HD500x, try to run it in the FXloop of my Blackstar HT5 amp and if I'm not happy with the result, I'll buy a studio monitor. It seems that running it through a studio monitor is the best low cost way to get a great experience from the HD500x. Since I live on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic with only one guitar shop (represented by boss), I have to buy everything online, so I have no chance to try the stuff before purchasing it. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! One other thing regarding the HD pods. I read somewhere that if I ran the HD500x in front of the amp it would be advised to disable the amp modeling. But if I use the so called 4 cable method to connect with the amp, is it recommended to disable the amp modeling anyway? I have a Blackstar HT5-R and one of the things I was looking for in the POD HD 500x was the chance to try the amp models... I'm afraid that if I plug the HD500x to my amp (regardless of the method) it will make my sound muddy...
  6. Thanks for the quick reply Bill. So I'm going into the HD series! Is there a big difference in terms of sound between the HD500x and the HD pro X? Or the almost 200$ difference in price is because of the form factor and I/O options?
  7. Hi guys I'm new to the site and I've been playing guitar for about 2 years. I own a humble setup (Epiphone Les Paul 100 and a HT5-R amp) and I'm now exploring the realm of pedals and multi effect pods. I've been reading about the line 6 POD X3, the HD500x and Line 6 Pro and it will be cool if you could get some feedback from the community about which one of those 3 would suit me the best. To be honest I don't know if they're too good just for home use because I just play guitar in my house to my self or with a couple of friends.... That's why I'm looking for something to plug into my amp or to my pc to enhance my experience and also to explore the recording side of the pods. Thanks for the feedback! Cheers!
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