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  1. Hi Bob, 

    I recently bought a 700 acoustic and it has output issues, I can’t seem to find anyone that can fix it in Dallas, Line 6 has no support, can you help me with some info?

  2. Cool, Colorado is awesome!
  3. Got it, I’ll definitely check out Cantibile. I searched high and low for software to perform solo and this was the best choice for pc although I use OnSong on my iPad sometimes. Btw, I’m in Texas, where do you live? Rock on brotha!
  4. Ok, to answer you previous questions regarding the show buddy sw, I don’t import midi tracks, I only use mp3 backing tracks so in the timeline, I can expand the waveform to exact points and add midi chunks to control lyrics and midi events for external hardware and lights. It really works well for that...
  5. Ahhhh! you did it! You got me on the right track that is... so, it turns out that the v2.81 update changed the way show buddy sees the helix, so for each preset I had programmed, I had to reset the category from the drop down menu under the new name for the helix and wham, it all works now! when I said I had created a new midi chunk, I meant that I added one of the existing presets to a new song so nothing happened, but when I created a new preset that’s when I noticed the helix had a different name and when I tested it it worked and so I fixed all of the presets and now it’s all working again, man you really helped me out, thank you, thank you!
  6. Ok, I really appreciate your feedback, I’m going to go over everything again and I’ll try what you suggested. I did create new midi chunks post the v2.81 update and didn’t get it to work, including send to midi...
  7. Ok, I will check all of my settings again, I'm pretty sure they are correct. I've been performing with the same PC laptop and program (Showbuddy) for over a year and the Helix has performed flawlessly, then I updated to v2.81 and now I'm dead in the water. Showbuddy (ENNTEC) is a solo performer software that plays backing tracks, displays lyrics, triggers midi events and also DMX lighting, a whole show in a box so all I do is play guitar and sing along. Like I said, I went through the trouble of reverting back to v2.71 to check things and sure enough the midi commands triggered the Helix perfectly so then tried back to v2.81, nope...no go. Thanks for trying to help me out man!
  8. This post is for those who use a PC to trigger MIDI events in Helix. Since I updated to the 2.8 firmware, my USB connectivity for MIDI is not working. I’ve checked all of my settings, reinstalled the ASIO audio driver and validated my USB connection to the PC as I’m able to control Helix perfectly through HX Edit app. I also validated the issue by reverting back to 2.71 and testing and everything worked fine. I also copied all of the global settings so I could reset them all in 2.8. Well, the issue is back and I don’t know what to try next. Any known issues or ideas you can share with us? I really need to resolve this before my upcoming live performances, thanks!
  9. yes, I'm using the Helix floor and no [spdif in] listed in the dropdown options when creating an input block. I did find one instance in templates in a patch called "stereo mix" where I could find the digital input option. I copied the patch and edited to allow testing and it worked. Also, not sure why the [spdif in] is not showing up in my global settings I can only access control for the digital output level nothing for the input. I had to control the input level by adding a block to boost the volume within the one patch that allows me have a digital input...btw, the reason I wanted to use the digital in is to have a way to bring in background vocals from a harmonizer and it actually worked. So I'm stretching the capabilities of the Helix beyond guitar effects to allow me to mix backing tracks (USB 1/2 in), lead vocals (mic in) and harmonies (S/PDIF in) eliminating an external mixing board. Not too shabby for the one man band although a couple of minor firmware upgrades would make it even better!
  10. You know, I can tell you guys are pretty good with this thing but I'm going nuts. I cannot find a selection for spdf in for an input block anywhere, I went to templates and found one patch (stereo mixer) that allowed me to change the input block to spdf in so I tried to copy it and bring it to another patch and no dice...I'm running 2.21.0 firmware if that helps!
  11. Good advice and that would be ideal but I have so many backing tracks from so many sources that mastering them all to normalize the volume would be a huge task, I'm looking at about a thousand tracks, so adjusting them on the fly is my crutch right now...I don't use a DAW for BT's, just pushing MP3/WAV files though a program that plays and scrolls lyrics so the midi route might be hard to pull off...
  12. Although the Helix has an S/PDIF input mounted on the unit, other than the back panel descriptions in the manual (item 29), there is nothing else addressing this input. The global settings panel on page 50 of the manual only mentions digital output level nothing about inputs. On the firmware side, the home screen for global settings also defaults to digital output level, nothing about input level or routing. Also, when trying to access S/PDIF input by creating a path within a patch, the input block will not give the option to select S/PDIF input (or digital in). So, is this an oversight or am I missing something?
  13. BTW, my backing tracks are coming from a laptop connected through USB into Helix. I can get the concept to work within one patch creating a path using USB 3/4 input with a volume control but it drops off when I change the patch...
  14. Thanks for the feedback, I will try the snapshots but sometimes I use several sounds sounds in one song and it's not practical to only stay within one patch even if I have several snapshot options. Hopefully Line 6 can make a firmware update for volume controlling USB 1/2 through an expression controller in the future...
  15. I'm a one man band and I need to control the volume for my backing tracks using a volume pedal through the EXP3 controller. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to assign EXP3 to the USB 1/2. I found a way to make this work creating a USB 3/4 input with a volume block within a patch but when I change the patch, the backing track playback interrupts momentarily making this option unusable. I know I can use a mixing board and all that but I'm very excited about the possibility of only using the Helix and not have to lug and set up any other gear. We are so close, just need the ability to assign one external (EXP) controller to control the input volume for USB 1/2 input. Any ideas on how I can make this work?
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