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Found 5 results

  1. I apologize if this topic already exists in the forum. I was searching on how to set up tone/volume in chain: TL guitar, SpiderV 30 & Cubase at PC. I didn't find the answer in Forum. My Spider V 30 is connected correctly to PC via USB and there is a sound of TL in Cubase. In Cubase, I choosed ASIO Spider V driver. I/O is Speder V (L&R) - Active. ASIO buffer Size is set to: Extra Small. I can record my TL from SpiderV 30 via USB and reproduce my records, too. It is not a problem, it works. But, quality of record is desperate and not acceptable, too. The sound is dark, blurry, somehow smudged and does not match what I hear on Spider V 30 while playing & recording. E.g effect as drive is not OK and corrupts the recorded. This is especially pronounced when I strumming all the strings. When I am playing finger style in clear sound or near clear, it is a better. It seams to me that solution is to set properly the tone on all devices in the chain: TL guitar, SpiderV 30 & Cubase at PC. Acctually to set properly the tone/volume of input signal to PC or output signal from Spider V 30 via USB. When I am playing acoustic guitar via USB Audio Interface (UAI), I can adjust Input signal at UAI and all works fine. But at Spider V 30 there is not possibility to adjust Input signal. I can adjust tone at TL guitar as imput signal to SpiderV 30, but it changes a sound of guitar at SpiderV 30. Or I can reduce/decrease Master tone of SpiderV 30, but I can not hear what I am playing. Please, give me opinion regarding this topic. How to properly set up tone of all devices in chain: TL guitar, SpiderV 30 & Cubase at PC? What are your experiences with this?
  2. Hi, I just want to know how to have a whammy/pitch effect with with the FBV Express MkII, and a Spider V 30. Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm hoping there's someone here who could help me out. I recently purchased the Spider V 30 and have been trying to record with it in Pro Tools Express by connecting the amp to my PC via USB (details of my set-up below). Windows 8 USB interface device: M-Audio M-Track Plus Amp has the latest firmware installed Latest drivers for Line 6 Spider series have been installed onto my PC Pro Tools Express doesn't appear to acknowledge that the Spider V 30 is connected, and it doesn't appear in my list of playback engines (only ASIO4all and M-Audio/M-Track's ASIO) - so, no joy whenever I try and record into a new audio track with it. NB/ I can record in Pro Tools Express with other devices, such as MIDI controllers, that use USB connections. However, I have been able to connect the amp to my audio interface device (via aux cable - going from the amp's 'phones' output to the interface's 'insert') and record that way - but I'm still curious to try the USB method to see if results differ (as I heard they do). In any case, I would be grateful if anyone could offer any help/tips/pointers/etc. :) Thanks!
  4. Good morning, Last night, while I was using the V 30 spider with the FBV express markII footswitch, it stopped running, I tried turning it off and back on it, but it was fixed on the "line6" boot screen. I obviously tried to disconnect it from the footswitch and terminal I use to modify presets via the special "spider remote" android app and reinstall the firmware with the "Line6 updater" program, but none of these procedures restarted the device. Precisely by connecting a device to the Aux output, the amplifier works as a "speaker" while remaining fixed on the aforementioned Boot screen. I would like to know if there is a solution beyond the service thanks for collaboration Best regards Antonio Curzio Delle Piane
  5. Hey, I'm new to playing the electric guitar and I bought this amp last month. With all the options this amp has (V 30) it's really confusing for a beginner (doing more research along the way). I'm trying to get a tone for Can't Stop, but something just sounds off to me. My settings are Plexi 45, Drive at 2, Bass at 5-6, Mid at 9, and Treble at 7. Should this be where the knobs are at? I also have compression and distortion on. I'm using the bridge pickup on my Squier Strat. Also, any thoughts on where the tone knobs should be at? Thanks, Vincent
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