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  1. Yes, I connected directly to my PC via USB and ensured the USB select switch was set to 'Mac/PC Android'. As I said before, all of my drivers and whatnot are up to date, so I'm still a bit stumped by why it's not working :mellow: Any suggestions?
  2. Hey everyone, I'm hoping there's someone here who could help me out. I recently purchased the Spider V 30 and have been trying to record with it in Pro Tools Express by connecting the amp to my PC via USB (details of my set-up below). Windows 8 USB interface device: M-Audio M-Track Plus Amp has the latest firmware installed Latest drivers for Line 6 Spider series have been installed onto my PC Pro Tools Express doesn't appear to acknowledge that the Spider V 30 is connected, and it doesn't appear in my list of playback engines (only ASIO4all and M-Audio/M-Track's ASIO) - so, no joy whenever I try and record into a new audio track with it. NB/ I can record in Pro Tools Express with other devices, such as MIDI controllers, that use USB connections. However, I have been able to connect the amp to my audio interface device (via aux cable - going from the amp's 'phones' output to the interface's 'insert') and record that way - but I'm still curious to try the USB method to see if results differ (as I heard they do). In any case, I would be grateful if anyone could offer any help/tips/pointers/etc. :) Thanks!
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