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  1. Omfg is this my issue? I have not been able to get my UX2 to work properly on my Surface Book. I just get this horrible buzzing/static noise.
  2. So I put in a ticket a few days ago. No response yet. Did you guys check out the video I posted?
  3. UPDATE: ​For some reason I am getting "audio" now, although its really just a buzzing static. It only occurs with the guitar plugged in and when I strum it. Here's a link:
  4. Also, unrelated to my issue, but you think if I had the output set to play though my computer, and had my computer connected to speakers, that would create too much of a delay? I have a nice Bluetooth speaker system set up do it would be awesome if I could do this
  5. I will try this, first I have to find my headphone converter... Pretty sure my cat got a hold of it.
  6. I am running Windows 10, and I was trying to play the sound through my computer by playing around with "listen to this device" under the recording device management window. Should I try plugging in headphones into the interface?
  7. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately this did not solve my problem.
  8. So I know that similiar problems have been posted here in recently, but none of the fixes work for me. I recently got the POD studio UX2, and installed POD farm 2.5 on my PC, along with all the necessary drivers (line6 monkey and the hardware driver) and registration steps. Unfortunately, I am still not able to get the interface/software to pick up my guitar. I have both my recording and playback devices set to the interface, selected "instrument" on the POD farm input menu, have the UX2 selected in the hardware preferences tab, and my guitar/cable works through an amp. The interface is lit up (yellow/orange lights on), but the dials don't move at all. I also noticed that I am unable to hear any other sounds from my computer (youtube/Spotify), so I am not sure if this helps isolate the issue. At this point I have no idea what to do and am considering opening up a ticket. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks
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