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  1. dmott92: Looks like it, aye. Thanks for comfirming you see the same on your Book at least. Gaz_Ham: Thanks for that link but the Surface Book is Windows based so likely not applicable.
  2. Don't suppose anyone can confirm or deny that this should work with a Surface Book please? I'm starting to assume not but it would be nice if anyone can confirm it please. Thanks, Keegan
  3. Howdo, I've recently purchased a Surface Book (1st gen) and I'm getting really garbled audio from the output of my UX2. I last saw this when I tried to connect to my PC via a powered USB hub and could only get it to work if I connect direct. As the USB ports connect to the mainboard via the keyboard connected I'm starting to think they are behind a hub, if so there is no fix... Has anyone had any success running a UX2 with a Surface Book please? If so could you let me know the trick to getting it working, if not put me out of my misery! Thanks, Keegan
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