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  1. Quick update. Bought delay and reverb pedals. They worked flawlessly in amp's effects loop - plug and play. Just couldn't get helix lt to do the delay or reverb! I guess this 4C method is pretty iffy and does not play nice with all heads.
  2. Sorry for the late response. I am in Austin, TX - quite a drive ;) Thanks for your help. I will post on Peavey forum too, but they all seem to be using dedicated pedals there :) So just to clarify, the hiss comes only when I engage LT in amp's loop using its footswitch. With the amps send/return patched, it's actually pretty quiet. I do have an EB 25K volume pedal sitting around. I added it to amp's loop and it actually worked well as a volume control. So I think amp's loop is functional. One other thing to notice is that your amp's impedance levels are quite different than mine's (600/200 ohm vs 47k/470k ohm). I don't know the spec for LT's loop - is it listed somewhere? I also ordered a delay & reverb pedal and will update later on. Meantime, is it also possible to use the LT using two cables just to get delay or reverb? Would that be okay to connect the amp's loop send to LT's guitar in and LT's mono out back to the amp's return? I do have an X3 live, so maybe I could use that for the frontend effects and the LT for delay/reverb.
  3. Ah - here is the preset. Do you happen to have the same head? SAND RYTHM.hlx
  4. Btw, from the 6505+ manual, EFFECTS RETURN: Impedance: Very High Z, 470 k ohms Designed Level: -10 dBV, 300 mV RMS EFFECTS SEND: Load Impedance: 47 k ohms or greater Nominal Output: -10 dBV, 300 mV RMS Aren't these levels are line levels (but we're setting the helix return/out level to inst) ? Could that be the reason?
  5. Yes, it works that way. At least that's a relief for me. Head makes sound with its loop patched (with or without the footswitch).
  6. Yes, the volume level stays the same when the amp's FX loop is bypassed using the footswitch - so the levels are probably good with the current setup (everything set to inst on the helix). However, I'm not getting the delay/reverb effects from the helix.
  7. Yes - it's sitting right next to the head. With the amp footswitch disconnected, I don't get the extra hiss. It seems like LT is trying to add something to the amp's loop, but it might be too weak resulting in louder hiss. Please find attached two images of the LT setup. Btw, power amp should probably receive line level signal? If so, maybe we have to set the helix LT FX send (going into amp input) to Inst and FX return (coming back into the helix from the preamp out) & 1/4" output (going into power amp input) to line ? Unfortunately, there is no separate setting for FX send and return ..
  8. Thanks, Yes. I hooked up 6505+ the footswitch as well and pressed the effects switch on it. It adds an audible hiss when I do that (similar result if don't use the footswitch). I just bought the head new this week. Yes - the wiring looks like that. I'm using 3' guitar cables. Send/return1 is set to INST in global settings
  9. Hi, connected the LT to Peavey 6505+ head using four cables. While the front end effects seem to be working, I don't get any backend effect like delay or reverb from the LT (it only adds hiss). On the LT, I have added fx loop 1 block and played with send/return levels without any luck. Is there any other system/global setting I have to tweak? Did you guys get delay/reverb through the effects loop of a tube head using helix? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Trying to hook up an X3 Live to a Headrush FR-108 without creating smoke. Please help me 1. From the X3L manual "Live Out Level – this switch sets the level for the Live Outputs. When set to Amp, the Live Outputs are ready for connection to an on-stage amp. When set to Line, they’re ready to plug into a mixer or recorder with line level input" - should it be at amp - but headrush is not really a guitar amp? 2. Adding to my confusion - from the manual again "When running into line level gear (like recorders, mixers and PA’s), POD X3 will generally give the best signal-to-noise performance when you have the Master Volume control at max" - I thought FRFR would be similar to PA .. If so, then I have to turn down the volume on the FRFR for indoor practice? 3. The connection should be done using guitar cable (instead of speaker cable), right? 4. Headrush has only one speaker with two 1/4" inputs. Should I just use one cable to connect X3L (Left/Mont 1/4") to Headrush ? Can I use both sides? 5. I picked Direct/Studio output mode on the X3L - is that the right thing to do? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I have a G10t transmitter. Is there any way I could use a G10S base/receiver with it? If so, what would be part number for the G10S base (receiver only)? Thanks. Edit - looks like they are compatible and receiver can be purchased separately -> https://shop.line6.com/relay-g10s-receiver.html
  12. Hi, Got close to setting up a modern high gain riff and solo patch (my first!) - but I need some help (Spider V 240 Combo). Palm muted notes (specially from E string) leave an annoying trail of hiss/fizz. I had some luck with a very aggressive noise gate setup (decay = 0). Is that normal ? My amp model is L6 insane. Also that made the solo sound very muffled and weak (no bite/aggression/gain). Does that mean that I need a new patch (let's keep delay out of this picture for now as I don't have a footswitch) for solo without NG? Is that expected? Also is 'reverb' supposed to be used for solos only? I'm playing through a low volume/bedroom setup. Also could anybody point to those 'Ola Englung' patches on the cloud? What are they called? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the replies, Guys. No offense - but the spider V thread mentioned above only added to my confusion. One guy ran his helix floor with two 120 Spider V's (AND a helix rack ? WTH). Thanks for mentioning impedance setting - I'll try it next time I plug in the LP studio. Btw, I have only one 63 ohm flat response headphones pair and they sounded bad. Do I need different kind of pair for a better experience? One more question - if I want stereo setup, should I go with one 212 plus or two 112 plus setup? Any other brand to try? Why would anybody want a 212 over two 112 which allows more spatial separation? Also in case I don't keep the LT, will those be of any use to me with traditional amp/head/combo setup? This is important to me as I really don't like to return stuff. Thanks.
  14. Picked up an LT last week - goal is to play modern & classic metal and hard rock. So factory presets 22D (DFW Cowboys) & 21D(Justice for y'all) were only two that suited my taste. Tried plugging my jackson with their high output pu into both aux in (using 2-1 mono to stereo Y cable) and front input of my spider V 240 & IV 150. Man, it sounded terrible - extremely artificial (like those old pods and spiders) and 'compressed'( like cheap in-ear headphones). Then tried my fancy LP studio and Adrian Smith signature US Jackson - they sounded like distorted fizzy punk rock (first jackson sounded like metal at least - pu output difference ? ). Then tried Sony MDR-7506 headphones - worse! So that's quite a start. I have totally lost the desire to mess with it. If the experience was at least decent, I would be willing to invest more into frfr setups. Has anybody had good experience from similar setup ? Something has to be wrong here - Either my unit is bad (running latest 2.92) or the setup is terrible - or it's just not for me. Please help me here! Thanks.
  15. Hi Guys, FBV3 is a complete brick when it's paired with IV (150) - it only changes channels. They shouldn't list those two as compatible. Anyways, just sold mine and now I can't find a good foot controller for IV. I would like to control the effects and looper. I also need to connect my IV to the PC IV edit app. Did they discontinue shortboard MKII ? Please don't tell me to upgrade to V. I have a 240 which I absolutely hate. Thanks.
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