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  1. Thanks for the replies, Guys. No offense - but the spider V thread mentioned above only added to my confusion. One guy ran his helix floor with two 120 Spider V's (AND a helix rack ? WTH). Thanks for mentioning impedance setting - I'll try it next time I plug in the LP studio. Btw, I have only one 63 ohm flat response headphones pair and they sounded bad. Do I need different kind of pair for a better experience? One more question - if I want stereo setup, should I go with one 212 plus or two 112 plus setup? Any other brand to try? Why would anybody want a 212 over two 112 which allows more spatial separation? Also in case I don't keep the LT, will those be of any use to me with traditional amp/head/combo setup? This is important to me as I really don't like to return stuff. Thanks.
  2. Picked up an LT last week - goal is to play modern & classic metal and hard rock. So factory presets 22D (DFW Cowboys) & 21D(Justice for y'all) were only two that suited my taste. Tried plugging my jackson with their high output pu into both aux in (using 2-1 mono to stereo Y cable) and front input of my spider V 240 & IV 150. Man, it sounded terrible - extremely artificial (like those old pods and spiders) and 'compressed'( like cheap in-ear headphones). Then tried my fancy LP studio and Adrian Smith signature US Jackson - they sounded like distorted fizzy punk rock (first jackson sounded like metal at least - pu output difference ? ). Then tried Sony MDR-7506 headphones - worse! So that's quite a start. I have totally lost the desire to mess with it. If the experience was at least decent, I would be willing to invest more into frfr setups. Has anybody had good experience from similar setup ? Something has to be wrong here - Either my unit is bad (running latest 2.92) or the setup is terrible - or it's just not for me. Please help me here! Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys, FBV3 is a complete brick when it's paired with IV (150) - it only changes channels. They shouldn't list those two as compatible. Anyways, just sold mine and now I can't find a good foot controller for IV. I would like to control the effects and looper. I also need to connect my IV to the PC IV edit app. Did they discontinue shortboard MKII ? Please don't tell me to upgrade to V. I have a 240 which I absolutely hate. Thanks.
  4. Thanks all - really appreciate your inputs. Spent couple days tinkering with the V (upgraded to the latest fw which has the classic speaker mode). Also tried some patches from the cloud as well - just couldn't find any metal distortion that sounds heavy, natural, and warm. So my perception didn't change. Despite having all the cool features (which I really wanted), it just doesn't sound as good as the spider IV. When I got the spider IV 150 to replace Spider III 120, I couldn't stop playing for hours - the improvement was obvious. It sounds great by itself and with X3 live I still have. But this time I am super disappointed. I was so excited that I got the FBV3 and G10T as well. And I bought another V 240 for my little brother - same experience really. I have to find an alternative for him too. I am not sure if they cut corners on the speaker quality. At the end of the day, sound quality matters more than features. To add to my woes, FBV3 (with latest fw) isn't really compatible with IV (it doesn't change banks, doesn't connect IV to the PC IV edit app) even though L6 listed IV as a compatible product. That makes it a very expensive brick. I won't even get started on G10t... So I have decided to give helix lt a fair shot as my final L6 product, I can't afford to be disappointed one more time after buying so many of these new generation L6 products. I have to get rid of V, FBV3, and G10t and please help me find a good head/cab combo for the helix. I'm looking at some tube heads this time that I can enjoy at low volume too. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, This must be a dead horse. But please help out to get the most out of my investment. I got both combos - V (240) & IV (150) and need to get rid of one due to space constraints. I just don't like the V as much as IV. V sounds dull to me! I would like to give V one last try (I'm not an expert at tweaking sounds - but I tried quite a bit already). I have been enjoying two Spider IV presets for years (Honky tonk for clean & The Love (Steve) Vai for distortion - don't use the other ones at all). I couldn't find any preset on V that sounds anywhere close to these two. There has to be a way to get a clean and distortion sound of the V. Please help me out. On a related now, I have a Helix LT arriving soon. Which combo could go better with the LT? Or should I look into some cab & amp? Thank you!
  6. Hi All, Just bought myself a Firehawk with few other stuff as my birthday gift(s) :lol: I got a pair of wireless transmitter & receiver for my guitar. But I'm also desperately trying to go wireless on the headphones side for late night jamming! Is there any way I could stream the USB audio over to bluetooth headphones? Like the way we could do on a PC using a small USB/BT adapter? Does firehawk have the necessary driver for it? In the worst case, I'd have to go with something like this adapter or these headphones? But I really want to use the digital out from firehawk USB. Please let me know some ideas so that I can get rid of the wired pair.
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