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  1. Oh, lollipop, youre right, the amp slot is always the amp slot, even if it's off (disabled). So yeah, All I can do is offload the reverb to the amp and take the pedal out of the fx.
  2. Cool, thanks for all input... I'm mostly thinking that it would be cool to offload the amp and reverb to the dt25 and use the pod for fx and presets. I feel like the 4 models on the DT would would suit me, however, on the Line6 site, it mentions 30 other preamps, that can be loaded. So, if this is possible, I could see myself switching the Mesa out for a Plexi or something like that. But, yeah, I dont usually have tons of fx running at the same time, but I want more fx, in my patches, to choose from. For example, in my pod, i have wah-comp-screamer-fuzz-amp-reverb-phaser-delay-volume. ( I realize i dont have to have the volume as an fx, but i wanted 50%-100%, not 0%-100%). If I could use the DT amp and reverb, I'd have two more slots for like univibe and chorus or a crazy reverb or mod-delay or whatever.
  3. Pre purchase research, here... I'm not really getting how the pod fits into the chain, when youre using the L6 cable. And then how it works with the onboard 'topographies' and the pod amps. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 4 onboard sounds are the exact same tech as the preamps in the pod? And therefore, youre getting no improvements or even additionals, by joining the two? Youre just picking a model either from onboard or pod, and there are 4 duplicates? With the L6, where does it inject the signal? into the the amp's input? Or the amp's power amp? I get that youre 'sposta' use the pod's 'preamp only' models, but I see that lots of guys are using the full model, and I wonder if the use of L6 vs regular inputs have bearing on that? If you were using the amps preamp, and the L6, can you use the pod as fx, in the amp's loop? Or would you have to use 4CM method? In other words, if I were using the amp's preamp, I could free up space, on the pod, and use it only for fx.
  4. Not working, you wind up with ,19,5D,ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ this is with a .h5e file Ah, it only works with the .h5b, the bundle file. Still, it only lists your setlists/patches. It doesnt give you, for example amp gain:5.5, amp treble: 6.7, etc.
  5. No, joke time is never over. I mean, have you seen the shoes some of these guys are wearing? Which reminds me, even in normal shoes, I have a problem with using the tap-tempo button and hitting the exp pedal. Problem is worse in Crocs than Chucks ;) I'm actually thinking of hacking off the bottom left corner of the exp pedal to give myself some room.
  6. Maybe try playing in something other than your clown shoes?
  7. http://line6.com/support/topic/11509-seems-theres-something-on-the-way-for-guitarists-at-namm/page-2?do=findComment&comment=79083 Does this mean that the new models, coming in this future firmware are HD, but the current models are not?
  8. How do you know which models are HD and which arent?
  9. It does seem that you have to Save (on pod) after Sending from Edit. please see, also http://line6.com/support/topic/12130-how-to-save-presets-from-the-edit-program-hd500/?do=findComment&comment=83718 Also, for me, Edit is very buggy. Laggy controls, sometimes it freezes and needs to get killed, etc.
  10. Well, let's never dismiss that possibility ;) Ok, yes, it does seem that you have to Save (on pod) after Sending from Edit. Also, for me, Edit is very buggy. Laggy controls, sometimes it freezes and needs to get killed, etc.
  11. If I make a preset, within the software, I get an astersisk * by the name. Hit the 'selected' under 'send' at the top left. As far as I can tell from the manual, this 'saves' the preset to the pod... but if you switch out then back to your preset, You'll be back at the old settings. If I double click on the preset, in software, the preset will be correct in the pod again. It seems like I now have to hit save on the actual pod to get it to save. Am I not getting something?
  12. Uhhh... what, is this opposite day, and no one told me?!?! :D Yes, that solves it, thanks
  13. Looper on 'pre', record a riff. Hit play, loop is playing with current patch, as expected. Hit loop button to get out of looper, change patch, loop has not changed, same sound as before. Even changing sounds, within the current patch is not changing the loop. However, live sound from the guitar is chaning. So, I am trying hard to figure out how to use the looper as an audition tool for the sounds. Can I please get a step by step on this?
  14. So, it sounds like if youre in fs mode, to change patch, you hit bank up/down->patch a-d and then youre back in fs mode, again? In other words, it takes at least 2 taps to switch patches, in fs mode? I am switching from Vox Tonelab LE, doing a bunch of research on HD500. You know, basically convincing myself that i need to spend the $$$ ;)
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