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  1. Good to know that I'm not alone and there is a workaround. Hitting save on the POD works pretty consistently? Thanks everyone for the input.
  2. Do you have a DT amp as well? What's your setup? I'm curious if our rigs are similar or if its just a weird POD problem.
  3. The plot thickens. These patches were in bank 2, slots A and B. I copied them to bank 4 and the patches sounded correct even when switching on the floorboard itself. I copied them back from bank 4 to bank 2 and everything is working as it should. Seems like a strange glitch. Not sure why it happened but it seems to be fixed.
  4. This happens despite them being saved to the POD. I have used the SEND command and this still happens.
  5. I'm trying to dial in some tones but I'm seeing a really strange behavior. Hopefully someone might have some insight as to whats happening. I have a POD HD500X, DT50 212, hooked up via Line6 link. I'm using the POD HD500X Edit software to create some tones that I will be switching between in the same song. The first patch is slightly distorted crunch, the second very clean. For all patches I'm using pre-amp only models. When switching between patches using the edit software they sound exactly how I wanted, However, if I switch using the buttons on the HD500X itself the the second patch does not sound right, distorted and crunchy when it is supposed to be clean. The first patch is using the Brit J-45 Nrm Pre model with the 4x12 Greenback 25 cab and a 421 Dynamic mic. The DT is set to Class A/B, Topology II and Pent mode. The second patch is using the Blackface Dbl Nrm Pre model with the 2x12 Blackface Dbl cab and a 57 on Axis mike. The DT is set to Class A/B, Topology II and Pent mode. Typically the Blackface model would use topology 1 but I wanted quicker switching in the song. Any thoughts on whats happening or how I can get the POD itself to switch the same way I am when using the edit software? Thanks!
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