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  1. Thanks, I have the magnetic blend on 0. I tried it at 1% but that had no effect what so ever. The same thing happens through my helix as well with just the Ethernet cable connected. Any other ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi, was this ever resolved? I have the same thing happening with my standard. I've only just bought it. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am completely new to the variax and maybe I am missing something simple. I am running the Variax through a G10 Relay into an Amplfi. All line 6 no outside imposter gear! The problem i have is that when I select an alternative tuning I hear both the magnetic pickups and the alternative tuning through the amp. I thought by turning on the variax it automatically disabled the magnetic pickups? Any help appreciated. Also if I've missed something completely obvious light mockery is also welcomed! Thanks
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