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  1. Hi there In my case it was really a defect of the potentiometer. It was exchanged and it's working perfectly again. But indeed you should check if you have the same effect with headphones. If you try it without headphones using a normal amp you should turn up the volume of the amp to ensure that you are only hearing the sound of the speakers. And not the sound which are generated by the strings of your guitar. Don't underestimate the volume of the strings itself. Hope my explanation is understandable and helps
  2. Hi there There are some news. I sent it to Line 6 support. And they found out that there is a problem with the volume poti or knob. It seems that the signal of the pickups jumps over and overlaps with the emulated signal. Which makes from my perspective sense. I don't have it back yet but hoping that I get it back the next days.
  3. Hi I sent the guitar to a support team here. Let's see what they will find. The problem exists independent if I played a high gain or a clean sound. I'll let u know the outcome
  4. New information about this topic: What I found out: when changing the tuning to 1 step (full tone) down and playing all tones on a string then I get 2 different tones on every fret. But I would expect when playing e.g. the F# on the e string to get the same tone. Assuming that the 2nd tone is coming from the magnetic pickups. But this is not the case. Means: the 2 tones are coming from the piezos where the modulated tone is coming out. It has nothing to do with the magnetic pickups!
  5. Thanks for answers. Today I had the opportunity to try it with a line 6 helix and a friedman box. With the same result. My band members confirmed my impression. Normally I'm playing a Kemper and thought that's something with it. If the mp3 of the JTV-69 is recorded direct and not thru an amp,.... ==> Thru amp -If it's strung for left handed playing. ==> No -If the previous owner tampered with the way the piezos are wired ==> what do you mean? -Distance of pick-ups to the strings inducing warbling. ==> looks like normal distance -What is the Flash firmware version? ==> latest -Intonation and tuning has to be spot on, or frequency artifacts can occur. ==> what do you mean? -Being an earlier batch, it's probably long over due for a maintenance check. ==> is this recommended by line 6?
  6. Hi I tried already an old firmware version. Didn't help. The pickups were not exchanged, they are still the originals. In the workbench I also tried the blending. When setting the magnetig blending to 100 I can hear normal tuning. When setting to 0 I hear what you can hear in the audio. #psarkissian
  7. Attached a mp3 where you can hear how the tones differ. Tuning model is 1 step down.... Variax tone record.mp3
  8. Hi thanks for answering that's what I thought too in the 1st moment but it is not. There are definitely 2 tones coming out of the speaker....
  9. Hi there when using an alternative tuning (independent if an own or predefined) I can always hear 2 tones when picking the certain strings which are tuned. For me it sounds like as if the physical tuning and the modeled tuning is being played. Even setting the magnetics blend slider to zero (expecting the magnetic pickups are blended out) does not help. Does anyone already have had this problem? thanks & regards
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