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  1. Hi Robert, yes it happens with bluetooth off, i dont have the bluetooth active when playing live.
  2. Mine does this also, really annoying. Id love to know why it happens..... Doesnt happen in every venue though, only when theres a lot of cellphones around... wonder if theres a link there?
  3. Been playing with my new Firehawk, and connected my Varia JTV59 with a VDI cable. Powers the guitar no problem, and a patch change will select the correct guitar model on the JTV. However, if I move any of the string pitch sliders in the editor it doesn't change the actual sound. If I change the alternate tuning control on the guitar it does change the tuning. The settings in the editor screen of the Firehawk app say that these things should be controlled by the Firehawk, but the tuning part doesn't do it. Anybody have any ideas what might be wrong? Faulty cable perhaps (it is brand new though) Hefin
  4. Thanks very much for your reply, I'm guessing that i'll have to send Acoustic sounds from the Firehawk outputs then, create an Acoustic patch with EQ to get it to sound right.
  5. Hi Guys, new to the forum but have been aLine 6 user for many years. I currently use a rackmount Pod Pro with full floorboard and a JTV 59, along with a 'normal' guitar live. I use an AB switching pedal to send one or the other guitar's signal into the POD. I'm considering changing to a Firehawk FX, and was wondering if i could connect the JTV59 via the VDI cable to the firehawk, and my 'normal' guitar to the 1/4" jack input, and somehow switch between the guitars that way? Is this possible? Also in my current setup i use another AB box to switch the guitars to the POD or to a seperate channel on the Mixing desk for Acoustic sounds from the JTV. How might this work with the Firehawk? Finally, on the POD Pro i use the XLR outputs to the desk and 1/4" jack outputs to a stereo power amp going into 2 Marshall 1x12s, will i still be able to do this? Many thanks for your advice!
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