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  1. Thats it ;) Exactly, as crossing 3 or even 4 frets @lower end can be pretty hard I move it a bit up for easier playing... :rolleyes: "Otherwise, just set alt tuning to what you want to play on the fretboard where you want." Sounds good, I´ll try it out, tnx for the hint cheers
  2. Hi, I´m about to get me a JTV-59 as I´m sick and tired to carry & tune 5 different guitars on gigs or rehearsal... (6 & 12 string Acu, Standard, Eb & openG Electrics) I found nearly everything I needed to know in the forum, there´s just one topic left where I´m a bit unsure: There are a few songs where I need an Eb tuning >BUT< put a Capo on to get into more comfortable fret-regions, (like for example "Still haven´t found what I´m looking for"....) Is it possible to combine the Eb tuning with vCapo on Fret 2 for example ? Today I have to carry a tuned guitar for that few songs which I could drop as well then.... (I´m aware on the drop of dynamics due to modelling, tried it out already in the shop, but I happily will trade that in for way less volume/effort in transport & handling) tnx
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