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  1. As most people name snapshots after parts of the song - Intro, Verse, Chorus, Solo, Middle 8, Outro - is there any chance that in a future software release these could be listed when you rename a snapshot as first options before the usual letters/numbers to save you having to write them in letter by letter all the time?
  2. So I have a Helix and am constantly amazed with what it can do in terms of emulation of amps and effects, but my sounds don't always sound as good as they could because, probably like most amateur guitarists, I don't change my strings very often. Then it occurred to me that with all of this processing power, how come there is not a "string cleaner" emulator that could make a guitar with old strings sound like new? I'm sure that every guitarist out there would appreciate this and it would save us a fortune at the same time. Come on Line6 - sort it out! Clean our strings for us! Ernie Ball might not thank you for it but the rest of us will. :-)
  3. Hi, thanks but I'd already restored my setlist and this is when I noticed the problem. Not only do I not have any snapshots, I just have blank scribble pads where the snapshots used to be. I've tried going into globules and setting the foot switches back to Snapshots but it does nothing - still blank scribble strips.
  4. Just updated my software and all of my snapshots have gone too. To say this is irritating is an understatement as I took ages building these. I followed all of the instructions and there were no warnings of these kinds of issues that I saw. Then when I powered on the Helix the next day it did a full rebuild by itself and now all my snapshots are gone. I hadn't checked to see if they were there after I reloaded from backups as I was checking out the new presets but if you back stuff up you expect it to be restored in exactly the same working order as when you saved it otherwise what's the point of doing a backup in the first place! Help!
  5. Bottom line with this is that when you spend a lot of money on a unit like this you don't expect to have to find a work around for something that should be a basic function. You should be able to switch seamlessly from one patch to another so if you want to go from a clean patch to a patch with whatever effects and then on to a completely different sound the unit should do that without you having to get a degree in programming it to try and make up for its shortcomings. EVERY multi effects unit I have ever owned has done this but I've paid a fortune for a "cutting edge technology" one that can't. Mine is going back to the dealer for a refund. This is obviously a huge problem for many owners otherwise this would not be such a hot topic. For Line6 to deny this is just fooling themselves.
  6. Before I saw this problem I assumed Variax standard referred to any Variax models before the JTV. I didn't even realise there was a specific Standard model until now. They should say in their literature that it will not work with certain models, just as they should specify that there is a latency problem when switching patches (I have a 25 year old Zoom multiFX that can switch patches without any latency issues so why Helix can't manage it is beyond me). So far so bad. Looks like I may have to see if the shop will taken my Helix back and I'll stick with the Zoom (which actually sounds better too). Should have done my research better up front I suppose but none of the Youtube reviews I saw said anything about what this could not do or would not work with, so you assume it will. (My bad).
  7. Great, so I just spent £1100 on a Helix plus another £320 on a Variax that won't work with it? Not happy. Are there any plans to support the Variax 700 in future on Helix?
  8. I've got a new Helix and bought a Variax 700 to try out some of the features. When I set a patch to a "per patch" input setting for the Variax to always select that guitar sound, the guitar seems to change to the desired sound initially but then keep that setting on any other patch selected after. Also, when I try to select an alternate tuning, it has no effect at all. Has anyone else had this and does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it as I can't find a global or patch related setting that might be causing it?
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