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  1. I apologize if this is a dumb question Could I plug my Hd Pro X directly into a Line 6 Spider V 412 MkII 320-watt 4x12" Slant Extension Cabinet, without using a head? I do not plan on using the set up for live shows, only for recording purposes. I know it seems like overkill, but those 212s are so expensive!
  2. I don't think so, not sure how I would do that? Very new to the HD Pro X. Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to get a soft, small delay set, however, I'm not getting it. It seems it's all or nothing - any suggestions on how to set it? Soft, small delay = a very small amount of delay, not over the top. Thanks in advance.
  4. I hooked the Pro X up tomy studio monitors, wow, what a difference it makes. Thanks.
  5. Your suggestion helped, but I still have the muffled sound. In fact all of the amps/cabs sound similar. My Spider Jam has the sound I like (Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier) which is nice and bright. This is weird because the Pro X has the M/B Dual Rectifier, as well, but it sounds so much different (muffled) from the Spider Jam's sound (bright).
  6. I didn't at the time of posting. I do now. Thank you for your help.
  7. I really appreciate your input. Thank you.
  8. Thank you, again, sir. So, eventually, the Helix will go the way of the HD Pro X? Therefore, we'll have to upgrade to a new unit, again? Seems like a marketing opportunity for Line 6, offer certain downloads of amps/cabs for all units. I understand driving consumers to the new and improved unit (bigger margins) - however, they could delay new amp updates to older units, and still make money on them. Limit the amps per bundle. Everyone wins.
  9. I would love to see Revv amps be released for the HD Pro X. Does Line 6 ever give hints on upcoming releases? Thanks in advance.
  10. It was the output default eq settings for bass, focus, and hi. Thank you, sir.
  11. The output mode was the culprit. Thank you, sir.
  12. I just bought the HD Pro X and am trying to figure it out. It seems as though all of the amp sounds are muffled (e.g. lacking brightness). How can I get a more bright/crisper sound? Thanks in advance.
  13. I researched the Helix. My favorite amp is the Mesa Boogie, Dual Rectifier, which the Spider Jam, has. I asked if the Helix brought more to the table than the Spider Jam. Unfortunately, the respondents couldn't answer a simple question, without getting pissy, snarky, or defensive. Hopefully, it wasn't defensive, because you spent a lot of money buying the Helix.
  14. Line 6 needs better marketers. On a fan forum, no one could explain why the Helix was worth purchasing, when someone owned the Spider Jam. Either there is no reason for an upgrade or the Helix is so awesome that no one can adequately explain why it is better, without hurling insults.
  15. I have a Spider Jam and really like the sound (Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier setting). Why should I upgrade to a Helix?
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