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  1. I haven't had time to do a hard reset or switch sound sources. Or even clean the inputs, but I will do all of that this week. Cleaning the pots seemed to help for a while. I do live near the ocean, and I wouldn't be surprised if my inputs are corroded. Once I clean them properly I'll check back. Thanks guys! This community has saved me serious head aches a few times and I'm thankful the community is so involved
  2. Hey guys, my HD500 will randomly fluctuate in volume when I'm using it. Whether I have a huge project going or even just a single track. I use reaper, but it even happens when I'm just watching YouTube. I've tried multiple cables and instruments, as well as no instruments. It just keeps fluctuating. So far I've tried: -Updating drivers -Electronics spray on the pots -Praying that it magically stops -Restarting my HD500 -Tearing out my hair -Reducing the quality of the audio it's required to process So far, it just keeps randomly fluctuating. There's no distortion of sound or anything. It just varies in volume. Never louder, always varying degrees of quiet before returning to the correct volume. Any tips? Maybe it's time to upgrade? I bought it second hand but have never had any issues until now. Granted, I haven't played live in some time.
  3. I think you guys are right! I need to hit the pots with some spray. Any tips on what I should avoid while taking this thing apart?
  4. I may have solved my own problem. I twisted the volume knob back and forth a bunch of times like the volume knob on a guitar that hasn't been played in a while. All the sudden, I seem to have consistent volume. The fluctuation was random, but for the past hour or 2 since exercising the knob, my volume has been consistent. If this changes, I'll be back.
  5. Yes it's connected via USB to my computer and the volume never gets louder, always quieter momentarily. The volume pot seems to be working fine as it attenuates volume smoothly?
  6. I'm not sure how to word this problem exactly, but I'm almost positive that my HD500 is having seemingly random volume fluctuations. I'll be listening back to a track, or ecven a video on youtube, and the volume will randomly get quieter for some reason. It's not my DAW, it's not my instrument or cables, it appears to be a bizarre behavior of my HD500 unit. Has this been solved? Is my unit not getting enough power for some reason? Please advise. Thank you!
  7. I installed the previous driver and it worked, but then it started blue screening my computer when I plugged in my HD 500. I seem to have fixed it by uninstalling the drivers again, and reinstalling the newest drivers. The difference was that this time I only installed the HD500 drivers, I accidentally installed all the Line 6 drivers the first time. The issue of latency adjustment and blue screen seems to have gone away for now. Thank you guys, sorry for the late reply
  8. Update: Installing the previous drivers worked as far as adjusting the settings goes. Gonna do some testing now
  9. So whether I access the control panel that adjust bit depth and buffer size through Reaper, or windows program manager, the device refuses to adjust. It says at 1024 and 32. I have the latest drivers installed. I'm trying to use Amplitube, which sounds great, but is seriously laggy. Even with my HD 500 editor, the latency is still ~13/27. Anything else I can try? Or explanations? Thanks guys
  10. In reaper, when I try to change the buffer size and bit depth, it always reverts back to 1024 buffer size and 32 bit depth. Even after I hit apply and ok. Tried multiple times, even tried requesting a different bit rate. My lag is at ~13/27 MS which makes the lag unbearable, especially with monitoring on. Any way to reduce latency? I'm plugged in to my computer via USB. Thanks
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