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  1. I had these problems on Win 7 5 years ago, just nothing like I am today with Win 10. I already gave up and just ordered another interface, I may still continue to troubleshoot though
  2. Back off then. These POS driver crashing issues are valid.
  3. I uninstalled the drivers AND disabled the only other audio interface (onboard) in device manager! I have the same issue on two different Win10 computers, I have analyzed the crash dumps, and trust me, as an IT Director by trade, I have troubleshot this and isolated it to the L6PODHDPROSE64.sys driver. I've had this issue for a few years now. I'm also not the only one at whit's end after extensive troubleshooting (see other threads). I don't want to but I read one other person ended up buying an interface to connect the Line 6 instead. Someone else also using something else as the primary sound interface and using the Line 6 for inputs only. Problem went away in both cases. I wish Line 6 would just release a proper new driver or otherwise acknowledge the issue.
  4. Bro thank you but you sound like a broken record, I’ve researched every thread on this topic and you say the same thing which might be valid in some cases. I have no other audio drivers installed!!!!!!
  5. Hi, any luck yet? I am also one of many that have this issue and have tried everything.
  6. Hi Did you have any luck? I have the same issue, tried everything and yes he thinks ASIO = 4ALL
  7. Any luck yet? I’m so pissed I have been getting the BSOD everyday for a long time now. I have a POD HD Pro X and primarily use FLStudio. The only thing I haven’t tried is rolling back driver versions to see if any of the old ones are better. I even troubleshoot windows server and PCs for a living. do you get the same IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL L6PODHDPROSE64.sys BSODs?
  8. Any luck? i am still plagued with this issue. It’s the Line6 POS drivers. Happens on new/multiple computers. I’m about to throw in the towel and get a damn interface to connect the POD
  9. Thanks for the reply. It happens frequently on both Surface/laptop on my new desktop computer. All drivers/BIOS are the latest of course. I just uninstalled ASIO4all and disabled the onboard sound driver. Hopefully that makes a difference
  10. What's up guys, I have had my POD HD Pro X for a few years now. I have been using a Surface Pro w/ Windows 10 and it would blue screen a lot due to the Line 6 driver. I recently got fed up and just built a fresh new PC specifically for recording. It's doing the same lollipop.....I don't have any conflicting drivers..ALL of them including Line 6 are up to date. Anyone else having the same issue as me?? DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_OR_LESS_EQUAL(l6podhd5se64.sys) Thanks
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