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  1. conectala por usb, abri tu daw y pone un equalizador asi podes medir los decibeles de los presets que tengas y los regulas.
  2. my purpose is to use the pod for recording and the di signal recorded with the send of the amp is really great while the pod default signal is with lows incremented and with less body
  3. hello my pod is an hd Bean, i noticed that connecting the send of my amp straight to the pod the di quality is awesome, the amps in pod are sound much better than if connect my guitar into the pod directly
  4. did you tried that setup? you notice the sound improvement?
  5. Hello forum members, i want to know if there's a way to use a DI Box with the hd bean, i want to connect the xlr output to the xlr input of the pod hd, can i use this setup to gat a decent di signal from pod? The Chain is like this: GUITAR>DI BOX XLR OUT> XLR FROM POD HD BEAN.
  6. i've notice a issue when you turn down the bias knob the sound is cutted and like if you put a noise gate at maximum level
  7. will pod hd series have an update? or driver optimization? any official supporter talk about that?
  8. i've intalled windows 7 and for now there's no problem at all
  9. yes it happens when i use reaper, but in other times it happen even when i don't use it. i uninstalled all the audio drivers that i have including asio4all i only use reaper no, i only have the pod
  10. Hello i'm experimenting annoying problems with my POD HD and Windows 8.1 i got several blue screens, blaming to the PODHDBEAN64.sys i make everything to solve this but no progress... and seems that Line 6 make blind eyes to that problem, anyone solve it?
  11. Helix native is a online dsp software, you will need internet always, that behave is for prevent crackers and hackers, it like BIAS tonecloud or something like that
  12. in reaper 5 it's working really fine
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