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  1. Here is a reply I got from a certified Line 6 service tech: From everything you’ve written I’m pretty positive the sand/rain was the cause of the static. More than likely it has affected the pcba boards in there somehow, and they would need to be replaced. The problem is these are older units and the boards may or may not be available, depending on what it needs. *** You would spend more fixing it then simply buying another one from the used marketplace. So now I've got several thoughts going on: * single guitar pedals on a pedal board * tc helicon vocal processor of some sort * find a used H500 replacement, upload my saved patches from my computer and make this simple, but start exploring those other 2 options. Thanks for your input..!
  2. I'm a trumpet player using the HD500, last week at a gig of course, it died. The sound guys said my mic level knob on the back was not working, because they found a way to send/return my sound, and still get the effects, something to do with the pre-amp in that knob or something. The next day, when I connected it to a powered speaker as well as a guitar amp to test it out with some guitar friends, it just screams static noise. Different from what happened at the gig. I scrambled to get some regular individual guitar stomp pedals to get me through the rest of the week, and it worked out okay. Most if not all of my guitar friends are urging me to go with individual guitar stomp pedals at this point, and I may just do that. Now that this has happened, I realized that my Tuner button had not been working very well for several weeks, so perhaps something had been going south in the unit. During the winter, I play outside at our local ski area every Saturday in blizzard conditions, minus 15 temps, high winds, sometimes a little rain. I keep the unit in a soft sided case to protect it from the elements, but it has certainly been exposed. 2 weeks ago, we played a garden party, and it rained on us. I didn't have my protective case, but I was able to keep the unit fairly dry. The patio we played on had a coating of loose sand on it. All the cords, monitors, speakers and other stuff on the ground were coated with this sand after it rained. I wonder if some sand got into the back of the unit where the mic level knob is.... Anyone know how I can decipher what it's doing now, into a repair job....? What kind of repair, how extensive, how much...? Just a stab in the dark, but thought I'd ask. I bought the unit in 2011, so 6 years was a good run, and I may decide to move on to individual pedals now that I've kinda refined my needs. Thanks for any ideas, help, recommendations...
  3. Thanks everyone... I'm getting closer, I just want to reiterate, I still use my hardshell samsonite suitcase for transport, I only need a protective bag I can keep the board in during outdoor winter/rainy gigs, and still have full access to play it. My search here is for a bag larger than the unit, that allows for an extra 3-4 inches for the cords to exit the back of the board, and still have a lid that I can put down during songs while it's dumping snow. I'm debating getting one of these Gator cases, and putting some grommet holes for cord passage in the bag where the back of my pedal board would be: OR... for a bit more money, my better bet would be this larger set-up, that would also allow me to put my power strip inside as well, keep the snow and rain off of everything, no grommet holes needed, just lots of money for my board's winter jacket: Thanks again for all of the ideas...!
  4. Really strange, I've gotten 2 different results when I click on that link, here they are: So, I'm not sure which one you were suggesting, but the first one is too small, and the 2nd one, maybe I could put some grommet holes into the back of the bag, so the cords can exit out the back, yet the connections to the unit would still be protected from snow/rain. That could work like a dream perhaps...! I'm talking to a guy at Gator Cases too, see what he comes up with.
  5. I have to play outside in snowstorms/rain every Saturday during the winter, on a semi-heated concrete pad, that often pools with water from melting snow. I've been using a $5 bag I found at a thrift store for years only to protect my HD500 from the elements during these gigs, but now the bag has finally bust a seam, and is falling apart. It was just the perfect size that I could still plug in to the back of the HD500 within the bag, and even lean the lid over during setbreaks with a towel over the HD500. I have found the Line6 travel case made for my unit, but I've read on an Amazon review that the fit is so tight, one can't plug into the back of the unit without removing it from the bag. Has anyone found any alternatives for carrying cases...? I travel with it in a hard suitcase that neatly fits all of my gear, so I'm only looking for something that can protect it from the elements during gigs. Thanks for any help...!
  6. I'm a trumpet player in a rock reggae band, been using the HD500 for a couple years. I'm kind of in a pinch to find a Flute sound, and wondering if anyone has come up with anything like that. I could use some good specifics if there are any ideas to get me started producing my own Flute sound as well. Thanks...!
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