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  1. The best way to fix the G10 is to replace the G10 with something better, which is just about every wireless guitar system on the market.
  2. I HAVE HAD THIS THING LESS THAN 6 MONTHS. The G10 is an extremely poor design and ridiculously overpriced. - Transmitter LED stopped glowing at all - Transmitter would no longer charge. - G10 Receiver base constantly pulsed red light. - Power cable to the Receiver is loose and easily bendable. - Collar around the G10 Transmitter broke a few weeks ago after barely touching on my leg while it was plugged into a Les Paul. - Transmitter Cannot be fixed and must be replace - another $99!! - Transmitter is in the way and awkward whether using it in a top jack (Strat style) or side jack (LP style). - The G10 should come with a 90 degree dongle cable and strap attachment so it can be used like a Pro pack. I have unplugged the G10 for the last time and thrown it away....which is how I modified my G10 :) I will never buy another G10, and I do not recommend buying the Relay G10. There are too many other wireless systems that do the same job for far Amazon and pay $50 bucks for one that works and has a better design. Bye G10.
  3. there a way to arrange presets alphabetically within a setlist, other than manual click-and-drag? Thanks, RobnATL
  4. Thanks for the input...I think you are all correct ( the answer, succinct..."shut up and play" :) ) I've spent far too hours on YouTube watching the comparison videos instead of simply buying the Helix and playing guitar. Headed to Guitar Center tmrw to pick one up. Thanks for the nudge, folks.
  5. I've had the HD500X for several years and have really enjoyed it. I would like to have several new effects (and have run into the DSP limit many times) but do not want to string a bunch of stomps to the POD...I prefer one unit that does what I need. Does anyone know if new effects models be released for the HD500X...or should I just go buy the Helix or Axe-Fx III to get the additional effects I am seeking?
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