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  1. rhagan33

    HD500X New Models

    Thanks for the input...I think you are all correct (@joel_brown....love the answer, succinct..."shut up and play" :) ) I've spent far too hours on YouTube watching the comparison videos instead of simply buying the Helix and playing guitar. Headed to Guitar Center tmrw to pick one up. Thanks for the nudge, folks.
  2. rhagan33

    HD500X New Models

    I've had the HD500X for several years and have really enjoyed it. I would like to have several new effects (and have run into the DSP limit many times) but do not want to string a bunch of stomps to the POD...I prefer one unit that does what I need. Does anyone know if new effects models be released for the HD500X...or should I just go buy the Helix or Axe-Fx III to get the additional effects I am seeking?