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  1. Which DAW are you using, or are you using the standalone Jam Origin version?
  2. So, L6 support have confirmed that the unit is faulty. That makes two units in less than a year that's failed - pretty disappointing as they're clearly unreliable.
  3. Yeah, I don't think this standard behaviour. I place the transmitter in dock, it flashes red briefly then turns solid green (or flash green if charging). All appears normal. At some point, it can be 5 minutes, sometimes a few hours, it'll start flashing red again, but it flashes in a distinctive pattern, not just on-off-on-off. It flashes 4 times (approx 0.5 second each flash), then the LED is unlit for approx 4 seconds. It'll continue flashing red like this until it's undocked and redocked, after which it'll reappear again.
  4. Hi, I have a new G10TII and it constantly presents a flashing red LED when docked. It flashes 4 times, then pauses. I've chceked that it is fully-docked and undocking and redocking resolves it for a while (flashing green transmitter LED and white base LED), but it will eventually return to the 4 flashing red LEDs. Any ideas. The red flashing does seem to be some sort of error code, but I can't find what it means.
  5. I'm having strange issues with my G10, and thought I'd try reapplying the firmware. Latest Line updater just states that "The device was not detected correctly". Click the link takes you to a page which appears refer to an old link to a driver. I can't find the driver on the site despite searching for it extensively. Does anybody have the correct link? Thanks.
  6. If for no other reason, do it for the planet.
  7. That's a Reason problem. Select "VST windows get keyboard focus" from the options menu in Reason
  8. Hi, I've run 4CM for a long time with my Blackstar HT5 without a problem, but I've just bought a Jet City JCA22H and I could do with a sanity check as it has a line level loop. So, the connections are all OK, but what should I have the output switches on the HD500 set to? I've currently got the 1/4" out switch set to LINE as this connects to directly to the amps loop input and the FX Send switch set to STOMP as this connects to the amp input. Is this correct? Thanks, Bod.
  9. Check the USB socket on the Pod. The central plastic separator can break easily leaving the pins exposed and susceptible to shorting.
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