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  1. Hi I've tried all of them. 1-2 and 3-4. In reaper. In the pod the only choice you get is either guitar or channel 3-4 Theres only so many changes you can make and I've tried them all. In desperation I went back to my komplete audio Interface and plugged Pod go into that. It worked fine but that's not how it's supposed to work and it's a bit limiting.
  2. Hi I've connected Pod Go to my Daw (Reaper) The Pod is being used as the USB interface. The ins and outs are set as 1-4 in Reaper preferences. Theres a good signal going into Reaper according to the levels, but on playback there's hardly any sound whatsoever and what sound there is is very thin and tinny. Can anyone help? This is the main reason I bought the Pod. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong but I've checked and checked and I can't find anything else I can change! Any help would be appreciated as it's getting very frustrating. Cheers Les
  3. Hi Yes i tried that, it has no effect whatsoever, I've managed to turn down the USB level in the POD but now even though the guitar is loud enough, there's hardily any output when its recorded'
  4. Hi all I've just bought a POD GO and i'm using it as a USB inteface. The only issue is, the POD controls the volume of the DAW, so when it's turned up loud enough to hear the guitar the playback in the DAW is far too loud. Any help would be great. Thanks Les
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