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  1. That was great. Thanks!
  2. I can't find this in the manual so I did a search on this forum and found that no 2 instructions are quite the same, so I am a bit nervous about randomly trying one. Is it documented somewhere in the manual and I just don't see it? Thanks
  3. We play classic rock with a few heavier songs. I play a PRS custom 24 and the other guitar players guitar has active pickups. (I forget the make). He is always heard. I use the volume gain when I play solos and have it set to +5. When I play alone, seems like +5 is way too high, but again, I barely hear it with everyone. Just doesn't stand out. I will try some of these suggestions for next weeks practice. Hard to mess around with settings during practice. Thanks
  4. I just bought 4 of them. I should have bought all of them! They are fantastic!!!
  5. I am using a Helix and the other guitar player is using a Boss GT001 I think. We are both going thru the pa. For some reason I can hear him perfectly but can't hear myself so I keep turning up. When no one is playing, I check my volume and it seems like I am excessively loud until the other guitar starts playing. I don't know anything about eq's but I have heard this problem usually occurs when 2 instruments are using the same eq range. Is there some special eq that would help me be heard better that I could use? Thanks Dan
  6. ddufour

    Lost Setlist

    Are you backing up patches for setlists and where are you saving them to?
  7. ddufour

    Lost Setlist

    Never did a backup. I had this unit about a month. I had a setlist for my band songs. I think I tweak them every time I play them. What ever went wrong, if I tried to download sets from wherever I saved them, would I get this result again? By the way, I have had strange things happen before, come back later and they are gone. Hoping thats what I find when I get back home tonight.
  8. ddufour

    Lost Setlist

    So it looks like all the setlists below setlist 2 became setlist 2 but it kept the names of the patches from the below setlists. I am afraid I am going to start over with little time. Guess I should start backing things up :-(.
  9. ddufour

    Lost Setlist

    Now I have setlist 2 back, but my next 2 setlist have changed drastically. While the names are correct, none of the patches are the same. Everyone is different. what happened??
  10. ddufour

    Lost Setlist

    That did the trick. How did you know where to get it? Thanks
  11. ddufour

    Lost Setlist

    So yesterday I discovered the FACTORY SETLIST 2 was the same setlist as my 4th setlist. Don't know how I did that but I would like to get the Factory Setlist 2 back. Any way to do only that without affecting all the setlists? Thanks
  12. OK, thanks for your help. Dan
  13. So if I select "Save to my tone" I can retrieve it at anytime?
  14. I do use the app for downloading and editing presets. I have not created any of my own. So there is nowhere to save what I have?
  15. Used the Spider 120 for the first time with the band. Some how I managed to delete the very first preset fumbling with the foot switches. So before this happens again, where do you store backups? Thanks Dan
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