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  1. Have you looked at the Windows Event Log? For me Reaper (DAW) would start with the last project I had open. That would open Helix Native which is in the DAW process space and when Helix Native crashed it brought down the whole DAW. You should see the crash report under Windows Logs->Application. The example below is my failing backup because the SD Card is out. :)
  2. I've never considered that as part of the problem. I don't boot from the SD Card but my laptop may be set to boot from USB for other reasons like the once every few years linux boot. Either way they need to fix it. I swear when I first noticed this that the drive order could change between reboots but I can't seem to reproduce the order change any more.
  3. This sounds an awful lot like the SD Card crash. It may not be but it's worth a try.
  4. usedbyanr

    Pod Go

    I assume you mean that you downloaded a preset from something like CustomTone and then imported it into your Pod Go with Pod Go Edit. That procedure overwrites the currently selected selected preset. You can also drag and drop a preset on to Pod Go Edit and do the same thing. So you just have to be sure you have a "New Preset" selected when you do that.
  5. I would be surprised if it doesn't. Voxman55 mentioned he was on Windows 7 in the thread below after the 1.21 update. It's unlikely he is on 32-bit but the driver package ships both 32/64 bit if I remember correctly.
  6. That's not surprising for something that is likely so timing/computation sensitive. From what I have read, the M1 is an ARM based CPU and every non-ARM based app is transpiled for it. Transpiled basically means taking intel based machine code and translating it into the equivalent ARM code. It can happen in real time or "Ahead of Time" once when installed. The wiki page says "Although Rosetta 2 works for most software, some software doesn't work at all or is reported to be "sluggish"." Who knows if Line6 will ever take the time to compile an ARM edition. Maybe down the road when they have no choice.
  7. Do you get the same problem when trying a backup from the File->Create Backup... menu? I've only done the update procedure once so I can't remember if you are forced to create a backup before you update. The documentation doesn't make it clear either. It says it asks if you want to create a backup and then says Click "OK" so who knows. Click "Update now." POD Go Edit asks if you want to create a backup of your existing user presets. Click "OK" and then "Create Backup." Once the backup is completed, click "OK."
  8. It's a security thing. Your hard drive serial number is the seed for something. I've never purchased anything through HX Edit, Helix Native or Pod Go Edit but they all suffer from the same thing. My guess is that the serial number is the seed for encrypting purchases you make in that software and probably more in Helix Native. I only own a Pod Go and would like to see Pod Go Edit fixed but they could all probably be fixed with the same code. I submitted a bug report with example code so I hope so in the next version. You can see the results of what happens on a machine with an SD Card below with a commented disassembly of the offending code. The first line is what my sample code spits out for the SD Card. The xxxs are my hard drive serial numbers blanked out. Unexpected variant type: VT_NULL Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx Pod Go Edit sees the call to IWbemClassObject->Get("SerialNumber") return success and assumes the VARIANT is a VT_BSTR. It then proceeds to make string manipulation calls against the VT_NULL which crashes. The offending code is below. The crash is further in the code but this is the cause. .text:01088E20 lea edx, [ebp+var_48] .text:01088E23 push 0 .text:01088E25 push 0 .text:01088E27 push edx .text:01088E28 mov ecx, [eax] .text:01088E2A push 0 .text:01088E2C push offset aSerialnumber ; "SerialNumber" .text:01088E31 push eax .text:01088E32 call dword ptr [ecx+10h] <-- call IWbemClassObject->Get("SerialNumber") .text:01088E35 test eax, eax <-- test the return which is equal to S_OK but the VARIANT type is VT_NULL
  9. It was just a curiosity. I would prefer that it matched the Helix and was wondering if it's a technical thing. You could be right but I don't think I agree with the reasoning. To me the algorithm doesn't change based on the frequency. It's just a different threshold. Thanks for taking the time to reply. You seem to live in these forums and provide quite a bit of help.
  10. Is there a technical reason why the EQ Low/High Shelf High Freq Parameter's minimum value is 2.0 kHz rather than matching the Helix version minimum? I think about it every time I play with matching a Helix patch and Jason Sadites mentions it in his US Princess Pod Go v1.21 video. He chose to use the Tilt EQ instead because of this. Is this just an oversight?
  11. I'm on Windows 10 and I miss the Italics as well. It was a nice visual cue. Maybe it was replaced with something else and I just don't notice it yet.
  12. They are all pricey unless you go with a pedal type power amp. Electro Harmonix just released the Howitzer which is considerably cheaper if you are just a bedroom player. They have a few other models as well. I've only watched the demo and I'm a beginner so I can't say if it sounds good/bad or colors the sound too much.
  13. First, I'm not trying to offend anyone. Apple deserves at least half the blame for this. They break all kinds of software with every release and they don't seem to care much about it. Speaking from experience, it puts a lot of pressure on resources when you have to update every piece of software you develop for a new OS. I image Line6 developers are busy attempting to meet timelines for the next firmware release of every product without that getting in the way.
  14. You didn't say if you were running Windows or a Mac. If it's Windows you should look in the Windows Event View under Application after trying to run the software. You will see the crash information. Did you add anything new like an SD Card? Read my post here. If you did add a new SD Card, pop it out and try running it again.
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