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  1. The first place I would look is the Windows Event Log. System Events is probably the best place to start considering what is happening. https://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-10/how-to-use-event-viewer-in-windows-10/
  2. What amp is everyone using when this happens? I have posted about an issue where the Pod Go has no output in the morning after leaving it on overnight. I returned the first unit because Line 6 could not replicate the bug report and that is what they suggested I do. The same happens on the new unit so it's not a hardware issue. I'm fairly certain it's a bug in the Orange amp.
  3. I have not used Helix Native other than the limited trial but there was a similar issue at the time where it would crash before the interface would come up and it didn't seem related to the SD card thing. I don't know if it was the DAW's fault or Helix Native. It was stuck in some state where it thought it was authorized but wasn't. That prevented the UI from working and maybe the DAW expected something different. If you shut off your internet connection and then attempted to use it, the login screen would pop up asking for a re-auth. You could turn your connection back on, re-auth and then it would work. Last ditch attempt I guess.
  4. Do you have and SD card? See the post below.
  5. usedbyanr

    New FRFR day...

    I'm relatively new to guitar so most things "sound great" to me but I can appreciate that point.
  6. usedbyanr

    New FRFR day...

    @MonkeyXT Are you still using the YX10P? I was considering the Headrush FRFR-108 but so many people suggest it has too much bass. I can rent a YX10P from L&M locally but I can't compare it to the headrush. I like that the YX10P has a bass and treble control rather than a simple contour switch. The YXL10P also seems interesting. More features for the same money but no independent EQ, just three fixed settings. L&M sells rental units at a discount based on the number of days it has been rented. Any idea how much a speaker degrades over time? The sales rep suggested they are very rugged and the discount is mostly based on cosmetics rather than sound quality.
  7. I don't have a lot of experience here but the last part of your issue with missing amps and pedals sure sounds like a lot of posts where Pod Go Edit or HX Edit hasn't been updated to the latest version before doing the hardware update.
  8. I just tried your scenario and I don't have that issue. Does it happen on more than one preset? I reported a bug where the unit stops producing sound if left on for a number of hours without using it. I would pick up the guitar in the morning after leaving it on overnight and nothing until I changed the preset or power cycled. I reported it to Line6 with the preset and instructions for reproducing. They told me it shouldn't happen and to send it for repair at my shipping cost or talk to my dealer about a return/replacement. I was just outside the Amazon return window. I called Amazon and the support person told me to ask the seller for a replacement and if they didn't want to then they would take care of it. They wanted me to ask first because all of the communications with a seller are documented through Amazon. The seller took it back by sending me a prepaid label and refunded the cost the day after the tracking showed it was on the way. They asked me to purchase another unit from Amazon rather than sending me a new unit because all of their stock is at the Amazon warehouse. It turns out that there seems to be a bug in the Mandarin 80 amp. I can reproduce it with the new unit. A factory reset can't hurt if you haven't tried that.
  9. They know about it (See below). You can put the SD card back in once Pod Go Edit is running so you can probably do the same. I'm pretty sure it only does the check at startup.
  10. I have looked at so many of the FRFR solutions. It's difficult to compare them because of the cost differentials. That F12-X200 setup is $700+ and you already own the Mesa cabinet. Did you buy the pedal baby just for that setup or did you already have it?
  11. You can also get this with an electric motor on the same circuit branch. I notice a small static hum in studio monitors connected to the Pod Go when a wine cooler kicks on here. I've never bother to check if it's the Pod Go, studio monitors or laptop. They are all plugged into the same branch.
  12. This is fixed in 1.22.
  13. I'm starting to sound like a broken record. Do you have an SD Card?
  14. Have you looked at the Windows Event Log? For me Reaper (DAW) would start with the last project I had open. That would open Helix Native which is in the DAW process space and when Helix Native crashed it brought down the whole DAW. You should see the crash report under Windows Logs->Application. The example below is my failing backup because the SD Card is out. :)
  15. I've never considered that as part of the problem. I don't boot from the SD Card but my laptop may be set to boot from USB for other reasons like the once every few years linux boot. Either way they need to fix it. I swear when I first noticed this that the drive order could change between reboots but I can't seem to reproduce the order change any more.
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