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  1. Awesome! This addition increases the POD GO's versatility and is such a welcome feature. Thanks Line 6 for listening to our requests. Rock On!
  2. I am looking for real world experience from 240HC owners regarding the performance of the 4" and tweeter setup when used alone. Is the volume loud enough for more than a bedroom jam session or a tiny coffee shop type gig? I realize that this configuration will not come close to filling a large room or venue on its own, I am just trying to get a gauge on what realistic level it can produce. The 2017 NAMM show demo is a bit hard to discern the capabilities and I have not seen any other demos online. I am currently in a country with no Line 6 dealers, so I can't demo this in person. Thanks!
  3. I see this thread getting quite a bit of views so it must be on the minds of many potential buyers. Any official word from Line 6 about if this feature will be incorporated from the start or added as an update?
  4. What leads you to think this? It would be great if Digital Igloo could chime in and clarify this question
  5. Can the POD Go receive program/preset changes via MIDI from a DAW via USB? If not now, is it a feature planned for a future update?
  6. Will the Go accept program (preset) change info from a DAW via MIDI and the USB port? Seems to me that Line6 put quite a bit of thought into this and created a leap forward in quality, features, and as usual, bang for the buck. Rock on!
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