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  1. The expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" probably sums it up but I can give a few reasons from a development point of view... 1) Compatibility - Regardless of what people think about Windows, there is no other OS that can claim to have compatibility anywhere near it. I know saying this will get a lot of people stirred up but Apple seems to go out of their way to break every third party app with every major OS release. You will see complaints about compatibility with Windows 11 but most of them are about the new security features that can't be turned on rather than something being broken. You can run all of the Line 6 applications and drivers on Windows 7 - 11. No slight to Line 6 but it has more to do with Windows than Line 6's development skills. 2) Drivers - Drivers exist for all hardware and all OS versions including third party hardware (USB). 3) Interface - Cross platform apps that try to use the same interface for everyone are horrible. You end up with an interface that is unfamiliar on every platform. Your best bet would be to package the backend code and then provide a native UI for each but that's a lot of work and testing for three platforms with Linux being the smallest footprint for potential users. 4) Development Tools - The Windows development tools are fantastic.
  2. Jump back a few responses to my July 30, 2021 response. This sure sounds like the SD card issue and you said you got a new computer. There is another reply (not sure if it's from this thread) where a user removed the SD card and still had the issue only to find out that he had to remove the usb reader completely before it would go away. (He may have just disabled the driver in Device Manager). If your new computer is a Mac then just ignore this.
  3. It's probably too late for this question based on your last post but are you saying that plugging in hour drive causes an issue immediately? If I remember correctly because it's been a while, I could push the SD card back in after starting Native and it would continue running fine. If you chose to close Native then you might have to do the routine again. It's just the startup where it does a serial number read that causes the problem. It's not really the serial read. It's just a bug in the call to the API. They are not treating the return code properly.
  4. @sdsingle Have you tried unplugging the drive, starting HX Edit/Native and then plugging it back in? The drive serial number read (security) is usually the problem and as far as I know, only happens at the beginning. I know it's not ideal but it's better than nothing.
  5. If you managed to get to the third page of the link in datacommando's reply, you would have seen my comment. HX Edit appearing not to open is exactly the SD card problem. I'm not saying it's your problem but it sure sounds that way. It was/is a problem for HX Edit, Helix Native and Pod Go Edit. It has to do with reading your hard drive serial number. (It's used as part of the security) The software starts but you never see the interface because it crashes before showing anything. Whoever wrote the serial number code didn't account for the possibility of not having one and ignored the API return code.
  6. I don't think anybody is disputing that the responsibility lies with Line 6. I think what you have to do is look at it from their perspective. They have software that runs on two different operating systems and their variants. When something changes in the driver model you have significant work to do. It sounds simple but driver development is one of the hardest things to do. There's people out there running Windows 7 - 11. Do you maintain a different driver for each operating system? Do you create the new driver and do all the necessary testing to make sure you don't break it for the majority of people not running Windows 11? At the moment it's an incompatibility with a new operating system feature rather than something that doesn't work at all. It may down the road or it may not. I remember when the driver model changed for Windows 7. Hewlett Packard is a pretty large company and they chose to abandon a significant number of legacy printers. It wasn't just a new feature that had to be turned off. You just had to buy a new printer and laser printers weren't cheap back then. I'm not a Microsoft or Apple champion but from a development perspective Microsoft is far more concerned about compatibility for existing software than Apple. Most things just work in the newest operating system without you having to be concerned.
  7. The SD card issue may be your problem.
  8. The section in the release notes with the header "New Cabs and IRs now use 66-80% Less DSP" makes me hopeful. It says "Due to further improvements to Helix Core" and "Older Hybrid cabs use the same amount of DSP as in earlier firmware." My hope would be that the new cab engine with lower DSP usage would make it into the Pod Go. It's likely to be watered down but I'll take what I can get.
  9. The driver isn't broken. It's just incompatible with the operating system feature. The memory allocation (you need to use different memory allocation APIs and the proper flags when allocating memory), code/data segment flags (data areas cannot be marked executable, executable areas must be read-only etc.) and alignment requirements (code/data segments must be aligned to the memory page size) have changed. The only solution is Line 6 building a new driver.
  10. Apparently MusicLaw and I had the same thought at the same time. His was better, I forgot to mention latency. You need a Bluetooth transmitter. They make them for TVs. They generally have a 3.5 mm plug so you would also need a Y cable that goes from the Helix 1/4 in outs to a female stereo adapter or you could just plug it into the headphone out. They make fancier Bluetooth transmitters with more inputs which may eliminate the need for the cable. I'm not an engineer so try this at your own risk.
  11. You're welcome. I wish they would just fix the issue. I reported it in a ticket ages ago. I included a disassembly of the code pointing out the error and source code with a fix. I guess it's low priority.
  12. Do you have an SD card in that laptop? Read the link below. I have no idea if the bug has been patched yet.
  13. 1) Go to this link. 2) Select Pod Go, Firmware, Windows 10 and hit the Go button. 3) You should see the firmware 1.40 release notes. Scroll down until you see the blue Get Download button at the end of the release notes. (There's more than one set of release notes so don't just scroll to the bottom of the page.) 4) After clicking Get Download and agreeing to the terms you machine will download the firmware file.
  14. Has anyone looked at Cantabile?
  15. The Legendary Drive was too DSP intensive to make it into the Pod Go and the Prince of Tone is called the Heir Apparent.
  16. I think that would be great but from a development perspective there's the 80/20 rule. It's the idea that 80% of the content takes 20% of the time and the other 20% of the content takes 80% of the time. That sort of thing drives up the cost a lot and you are committed to doing it for every item added in a future update. I think Line 6 decided that the YouTube community does a good job at showing you how to use the unit and they have monetary incentive to do it fairly well.
  17. Has anyone from Canada had one repaired? I can't remember where I read it (maybe The Gear Page) but someone suggested that Yorkville Audio is the authorized service company here in Canada and you have to take it to your local Long & McQuade dealer. Long & McQuade has a relationship with Yorkville Audio. They seemed to have no idea what I was talking about when I called.
  18. usedbyanr

    POD GO 1.40 ?

    Voxman55 is quite helpful here and in other groups. He was kind enough to answer my questions in a thread and in a private message. He offered to help twice in this thread and simply pointed out that we all had a chance to read about the Pod Go before purchasing. I look forward to reading his future posts and replies. I hope this thread hasn't discouraged him from doing that going forward.
  19. First, I apologize for all of those who are sick of this topic. It's interesting to me. I have always felt that the Pod Go sounded a bit dark but I I'm relatively new to guitar and I have never dialed in a real amp so I just assumed it was me. There's so many variables, the pickups, the selected amp, the effects, EQ etc. I borrowed a cheap Mosky Pure Buffer (probably not the greatest) to try. I believe I can hear a difference but looking at the recorded curves in the a DAW plugin, I don't see a huge difference. Most of it is in the harmonics rather than the base string frequency. I was watching a Mission Engineering video "Can We Measure Tonesuck?" (linked below) regarding cables and I thought it would be interesting to do the same thing for this. I'm curious what other people's frequency curves looks like. The measurement criteria is the question. I just used the US Princeton with default settings and no effects but maybe it would have been better to turn off all blocks and just look at the dry guitar. That didn't occur to me at the time but Ben Vesco did it another unrelated video about delay. I am going to go back and do that when I have some more time. I had a Les Paul plugged in but a cheap Squire strat didn't look that different. I graphed it with the free Voxengo Span plug-in. You can set it to plot the max and you can add more than one in your DAW. It would be nice to see multiple curves overlaid but it can't do that. If anyone has ideas I would be interested in hearing them.
  20. Unless you are outside of North America I think the warranty for the Pod Go is 1 year based on the Line 6 warranty page.
  21. usedbyanr

    POD GO 1.40 ?

    From a development perspective (It's what I do for a living), a few weeks to iron out the last bugs isn't uncommon. My guess is that the same development team works on all products or at least multiple products. The DL4 was released recently and an update was just released Tuesday. They likely finished the Pod Go release candidate and moved on to something else. When that comes back with bugs it gets put in the development calendar. It's difficult to put down what you are currently working on and switch gears unless it's critical. This isn't. They haven't promised a release date to anyone. I would like to see updates as much as anyone but I don't think they owe me anything. A comment on the buffer situation would have been nice.
  22. I agree but the DL4 MkII crowd seems to think they are as well and the Catalyst group will be saying the same thing shortly.
  23. The DL4 MkII update came out on Tuesday which probably meant there wasn't a chance of seeing a Pod Go update this week. Maybe next Tuesday.
  24. I don't know if this is related and I don't know if the bug still exists but maybe it's helpful. When I first got my Pod Go I would regularly leave it on overnight. One morning I picked up the guitar to play and got no sound. Changing the preset using the dial on the Pod Go would bring it back to life. I reported it as an issue and they suggested I send it back to the dealer or it would have to be a repair. (I would pay for shipping) I only had it for a month at that point and I was lucky that the dealer took care of sending me a new unit. While I was waiting for the return shipping label etc. I narrowed it down to the Rival Sons preset I made using the Mandarin 80 amp but I still followed Line 6's advice and sent it back. The new unit did the same thing. I believe you can make it happen just by taking the default preset, changing the amp to the Mandarin 80 and leave it on overnight. I assume there is a bug in that amp model that nobody notices because it takes a long time for it to happen. Line 6 left it as not reproducible.
  25. Does anyone have any idea what the techs are doing to the hardware to fix the issue?
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