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  1. Thanks spaceatl. It was also for convenience - less cables and adaptors everywhere and a cleaner setup which is good for cramped stages etc. I have a couple of other pedals that I run alongside which need their own separate power supply so one battery based system that could power everything is what I'm hoping for. Ideas anyone?
  2. Has anybody had any luck finding and using a battery power supply for PodGo? Most available for pedalboards are underpowered - the PodGo needs 3000mA but these kinds of things usually seem to have a max of around 500mA available. There's actually an article in the latest Premier Guitar magazine (June '21) about converting an 18v cordless power tool battery for use as a pedalboard power supply which could be the answer, but wondering if anyone has already bought or tried something which works? I'm keen to use battery power if possible to avoid noisy venue power issues and also just because it would be easier to have everything powered within the same pedalboard with no external DC connection.
  3. WilsonCF

    Dual amp rig?

    So for a dual amp setup ie: different amp/fx chains to left and right outputs, would you recommend going for the Helix LT? And if so, does the Helix LT have the same Looper as the Pod Go?
  4. WilsonCF

    Dual amp rig?

    Thanks phil_m. I take it 'a 1024 sample' is different/inferior in some way to the IR's used by Helix?
  5. WilsonCF

    Dual amp rig?

    Hi - does anybody know if it is possible to set up a dual amp style rig by assigning different amp/cab IR's to the left and right outputs? Also while I'm here, is there a looper on the GO and how is it controlled? Can it be user assigned to any buttons or extra foot switches? And, will the purchasable IR's on the Line 6 website (OwnHammer etc) be fully usable on the Pod Go? Thanks for any knowledge out there!
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