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  1. Success! I'm happy to report that my Line 6 'Won't Go' is now a Pod Go again!!! :) Support suggested I load the firmware offline from a Flash file that is available from the same location as all the other stuff; firmware, updater, edit etc. So I downloaded the flash file and tried loading it using updater and in update mode (power on whilst holding down page> (right) on the Pod Go) At first the same thing happened - it started to load but then crashed. I changed to a different PC (which didn't work yesterday whilst online) and it worked straight away in offline mode! Happy days. NOTE: If you are logged in to your account, updater doesn't mention 'offline mode' but you need to choose the 'local file' option at the start/top of the list - you then locate the downloaded flash file on your computer - it's a .hxf file - in my case it was in my downloads folder. If you are not logged in to your account, updater gives you the option to work offline. Since then, I have done a factory restore (hold down C & D buttons and turn on) which means I can see all the new stuff in v1.3, and I have loaded my backup with my user patches in tact, plus some IR's that I purchased awhile ago. Everything working and sounding great. Faith restored Thanks for all your help with this - it wasn't much fun, but I got there in the end!!
  2. Ok the plot thickens..... Today I've spent a few hours trying to get this Pod Go to re-awaken. Following the advice in the Line6Tony video above, along with some almost identical instructions from Line 6 support, this is where I am. I uninstalled everything Line 6 from my PC and restarted the PC. I downloaded Line 6 edit, the drivers etc from scratch along with Line 6 updater. I booted the Pod Go into update mode by holding down page > (right) whilst turning on. THEN I connected the PG to the PC (this does seem to make a difference as I'll go on to later) The good news is that the updater software now sees the PG. I tried over the course of a few hours to load up various versions of the firmware, but each time the update starts but then stops and I get an error message! It seems to want to load but crashes every time. I've had no better success trying to load v1.1 than v1.3 - it doesn't seem to make any difference. I've found that disconnecting and turning everything off helps to get the update started - if you leave it connected, or don't restart the PC even, the update doesn't even get started before it crashes. It's also worth pointing out that I have nothing else running on the PC at all, and no screen saver or sleep mode kicking in. So, I'll continue trying, but am losing faith by the minute! :(
  3. I should have pointed out that I found the above text here - which has all the info on the latest update and the page that I followed to install it :( POD Go 1.30 - POD Go - Line 6 Community It's also worth pointing out that this is the page that came up when I did a Google search on 'Line 6 Pod Go latest update' and as it is on Line 6.com, it seemed like the best place to be..... Today I'm going to delete everything I have Line 6 from my PC (other than my back up file) and then start from scratch again with the v1 Line 6 edit, drivers, and firmware. I'll follow the instructions in the Line6Tony video and see how I get on.
  4. My POD Go is at version 1.XX. Can I go straight to 1.30? Yes. from Line6.com
  5. Yeh, unfortunately before I started I read that I could jump straight to v1.30 without going through v1.21 first, and yes this was the first time I've tried to update it. tried two different PC's now - problem is nothing can see the Pod Go now and no combination of held buttons on power up seems to do anything! I'll try and get it back to v1.11 first and if successful will move on from there. Thanks again, will keep you posted!
  6. Thanks voxman55 - unfortunately the Pod Go is not new enough to just send it back for a replacement. I've tried different USB ports - will try a different PC next, but really?! The annoying thing is that I'm not a computer programmer, I'm a musician and I've just done what the manufacturer recommended. Now I'm spending my time trying to fix this instead of recording the music I had hoped to today! So wish I'd just ignored the advice to update!
  7. Hi - I have just attempted to update my Pod Go to the latest version by following the instructions on the Line 6 website. It is the first time I have attempted to do the update, so I was careful how I did it. Firstly I downloaded the latest Pod Go edit. This installed ok. The PC recognized the Pod Go, and advised that there was an update available. I clicked on this and then did a backup, which saved fine (I hope). I then commenced the software update. The Pod Go went dark and the screen said 'updating'. The PC said that the software update was complete, but the Pod Go screen still said 'updating'. After about 40 mins of nothing changing, I figured the Pod Go had locked up, so I turned the power off and on again. Now it doesn't boot properly; the Pod Go screen comes on but with just the outer red border image and no text at all, and the PC says no device connected! (see photos attached) I've also tried holding down buttons C & D while powering on, as per instructions I found, but NOTHING is working!!!! Please somebody help! My Pod Go is now a useless lump of metal - I wish I hadn't tried to do the updates now as it was working fine the way it was!
  8. Thanks spaceatl. It was also for convenience - less cables and adaptors everywhere and a cleaner setup which is good for cramped stages etc. I have a couple of other pedals that I run alongside which need their own separate power supply so one battery based system that could power everything is what I'm hoping for. Ideas anyone?
  9. Has anybody had any luck finding and using a battery power supply for PodGo? Most available for pedalboards are underpowered - the PodGo needs 3000mA but these kinds of things usually seem to have a max of around 500mA available. There's actually an article in the latest Premier Guitar magazine (June '21) about converting an 18v cordless power tool battery for use as a pedalboard power supply which could be the answer, but wondering if anyone has already bought or tried something which works? I'm keen to use battery power if possible to avoid noisy venue power issues and also just because it would be easier to have everything powered within the same pedalboard with no external DC connection.
  10. WilsonCF

    Dual amp rig?

    So for a dual amp setup ie: different amp/fx chains to left and right outputs, would you recommend going for the Helix LT? And if so, does the Helix LT have the same Looper as the Pod Go?
  11. WilsonCF

    Dual amp rig?

    Thanks phil_m. I take it 'a 1024 sample' is different/inferior in some way to the IR's used by Helix?
  12. WilsonCF

    Dual amp rig?

    Hi - does anybody know if it is possible to set up a dual amp style rig by assigning different amp/cab IR's to the left and right outputs? Also while I'm here, is there a looper on the GO and how is it controlled? Can it be user assigned to any buttons or extra foot switches? And, will the purchasable IR's on the Line 6 website (OwnHammer etc) be fully usable on the Pod Go? Thanks for any knowledge out there!
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