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  1. Clsc

    POD GO v.1.40

    your ideas are also very good. I know a few dozen people who have the same desires as me and this guy J.Phoenix. maybe i will create a face book profile to join the POD GO group. Could you give me the link to the official group?
  2. Clsc

    POD GO v.1.40

    1- include an ICE DELAY 2- include a Pitch Shifter that consumes less DSP covering POD GO 3- Trails between patches presets 4. ENGL Invader ou PowerBall 5. Display to see DSP percentage POD GO
  3. Cool... your band must be very top. the tunings I use are Clean 1 semitone above 1 tone up Metal 1 tone down 2 tone down 3 tone down it would be great if line 6 could , were able to create something similar to PolyShift Do ZOOM G6. G11 for POD GO, I really liked the POD GO, the Line 6 modeling, I didn't want to leave Line 6 just for the simple fact that POD GO doesn't have a PolyShift yet. well I think that's all, thanks for the good chat
  4. OK.. Ice Delay. I have some songs that use this Ice delay effect. besides being a beautiful effect, I would trade the Euclidean Delay, it's the Glitch Delay, for an Ice Delay. poly pitch. I play in a cover band, where I use the standard tuning, + 3 other tunings on different songs D.C. A#. band I play in my band at home, We trade Heavy metal , Rock , it 's Blues among other heavier things, it depends on the presentation. Zoom G11 I tested the PolyShift ZOOM, and I confess that I could use it live without any problem, unlike Simple Pitch POD GO. besides, I believe and have faith that Line 6 might be able to create something similar better than a Simple Pitch dedicated to POD GO. Helix. I meant that in addition to being able to save the user model defaults, they could add the function Save the user model defaults Favorites like in HX favorite .fav That's it... Thank you.
  5. Improvements to POD GO could give us the function save favorite effects to share equal to HX. Add an Ice Delay. Add a Poly Pitch That Is Not So Hungry For DSP same as ZOOM G6 G11 Tracks between Presets A DSP Display.
  6. Clsc

    Trail function

    add the Trail function between one preset and another, or have 5 editable blocks.
  7. Clsc

    Pod Go

    when will it have an update With more Effects and Features?
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