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  1. Thanks kylotan...yeah i thought the same but its like its compressing the sound aswell like the notes aren't as sharp or defined...I'm using return 1 on helix for fx loop input and send 1 on helix going back to amp fx loop return...all levels are unity and in global settings line level for loop and instrument for guitar....i will tweak a bit more see if I can get it totally transparent.....thnx again and any more ideas appreciated.
  2. I've been using the same setup as the op (top path to front of amp and second path in the loop) with great results but my amp is a engl fireball....however I'm finding the tone is affected. When i plug guitar straight into amp (but leave helix in loop) i get my full guitar tone and stunning effects in the loop...awesome...but when i plug back into helix the tone loses a bit of everything if that makes sense?....although i prefer the sound when guitar is plugged into the amp direct it means i lose mah and any other front end effects....anybody else experienced this and found a fix?.....
  3. Hi all.....I've been using helix live for a while and tried different set ups on stage....an a real cool way i found amongst some of my favourite set ups is a W/D/W set up consisting of the dry path only with amp block/drive going out the 1/4 inch into a Seymour duncan power stage 170 into a laney 2x12 then the xlr L/R into a pair of laney IRT-X Extention speakers and WOW....what a massive sound...all the drive punching through unaffected really powerfull....another favourite is the same ad above but instead of the IRT-X'S IUse my powercab plus....also phenomenal sound...but i have to say the powercab alone is enough for stage use plus you get the option to D.I. out to FOH if u want.....Good times everyone...Good times......p.s....i also use a laney lrf 1x12 frfr guitar cabinet...well worth checking out....Hope this helps....rock on....
  4. Hi all...I have been using my helix frfr and it sounds awesome...i previously used an engl amp and 4x12s (still have them wont sell them) which sound second to none in their own right...however i now use 1 laney lrf and 2x laney irt-x's in a w/d/w scenario and wow...blows you away...at gigs i cant even turn up to half way its amazingly loud....worth investing in these....just another option....lrf behind as you would with normal amp/speakers and irt-x's i put on poles either side of the lrf...works brilliantly.
  5. jud1433

    Button lights

    UPDATE!....Quote from support..... cdegardinJul 31, 00:08 AMHi, This is actually by design. Snapshots act like Preset switches in that by auto they are only red or off. The dim/bright only applies to custom snapshot footswitches. Best regards, Technical Support Line 6 Support Europe Thanks for the help guys and thanks Cdegardin....
  6. jud1433

    Button lights

    ok so heres an update....opened support ticket but cant seem to upload the video so ive posted it on you tube should anyone like to have a look...cheerz guys.
  7. jud1433

    Button lights

    Yup..thought i did...i said mid paragraph id ooened ticked lol....all good...
  8. jud1433

    Button lights

    Ive opened a support ticket...sorry i thought i stated that ...my bad....just gotta wait few days but there's deffinately something not right here....ill keep posted....
  9. jud1433

    Button lights

    Hi H.o....i download the latest hx edit and the update so all latest downloads then did a back up and a reset then re installed new firmware...all went as should but the problem is only evident with snapshots...stomp mode unaffected...i have opened a ticket ...dont know if it makes any difference but i do my programming straight at the helix not via pc...obviously use pc for back ups or importing/exporting ect....the presets on which it happens were made with v2.60....when i was running v2.5 it was all ok so im thinking its something with v2.60...
  10. jud1433

    Button lights

    ok guys so heres the thing...i did a back up and a reset then reloaded my preset...and it was exactly the same howerver i have fixed it...turned out if the light colour was set to auto then it would only work on/off on certain buttons?...if i select the colour manualy then everything works as should do...dim/bright so all good again...still stumped as to why it does that tho. thanx for your input people its appreciated...do you think i should still open a ticket?....
  11. jud1433

    Button lights

    thanks H O...this started when using version 2.50....was ok for ages then problem just appeared and stayed when i upgraded to v 2.60...im going to do a reset and see if it cures it then if not ill do a support ticket...ill keep posted thanks.
  12. jud1433

    Button lights

    Maybe...ill look into it (ive not dun one b4 lol)...thnx.
  13. jud1433

    Button lights

    Well ive been using my helix for a while now and love it with out any issues....until my last gig. I use it in snapshot mode utilizing instances to change amp channels and drive options but my problem is that all the top row of button lights have gone from dim/bright to off and only light up when pressed?...global settings are still dim/bright and they work normally in stomp mode?...any ideas why when it was fine b4?...ive just updated to version 2.60 hoping it may have been a bug in 2.50 but still the same....any ideas would be much appreciated...thanks in advance...
  14. No thats not the one. I paid £90 for mine brand new from swan flight they are very well built.....i tried to upload a pic but file size was too big...ill try upload again but if you give me an email address ill hapily send you pic....
  15. I use my helix in 4cm with my engl which is high gain but i place 2 noise gate blocks in the chain leave them stock settings (id have to recheck where i placed them lol) i dont use the input gate and my rig is totaly silent and my sound is unaffected so may be worth giving it a go and put 1 straight after the send/return block and move the second one around but ill check my signal chain when i get chance and reply...hope this helps.
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