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  1. Forgot to say, I can find plenty of 12v 3amp supplies. Are these ok?
  2. Hi I'm in the UK and have real trouble with the short power cable wall wart. It's a 9v 3Amp power supply and looks about 2m long. I could really do with a 5m power cable. I'd also prefer a laptop style supply (not wall wart type) has anyone found any good alternatives?
  3. Thanks for letting me know its not an 8.1 issue, think its an issue between DAW and the VST (Amplitube)
  4. Does anyone use this pedal with Amplitube? If so could you please post your commands, i'm really struggling with this and have almost lost a week when i could be practicing. I would love to route the midi commands through my DAW (Studio One) but it looks like Studio One and Amplitube dont work together too well and i cant get that working either. So im trying to get Amplitube working first. I would like to change banks and navigate presets within a bank. Then basic things like volume, play, record etc. The thing is i cant get my head around wether i should be sending CC numbers to Amplitube or Program Change requests, im lost. I'd really appreciate it if someone here uses a similar setup to give me a hand. Thanks
  5. Just bought one and cant get in to work. Mokey can't detect it and i cant find the control software. Using the website i can only find the Monkey install?? not sure if its hiding the control software because i'm running Windows 8? really shocked if thats the case Please help
  6. Also thinking about a keyboard speaker, i imagine the studio would have a flatter response so better for modelling
  7. Hi I'm thinking of purchasing a HD500.i am a bedroom guitarist and would like to use a small amplifier for times when i dont want to use headphones. Im thinking of using a single studio monitor (Maybe a HS80M?) and place it on the floor angled up. This is my kit Tele HD500 Scarlett 2i2 Dell i7 Laptop Studio Monitor (via Left Line Out on 2i2) What do you guys think, will this sound ok? the only other option is a FRFR PA Speaker which might be abit too powerful. Id really appreciate any feedback, i havnt seen many people try this, i assume because they use studio monitors already setup to PC but i would quite like to treat the speaker as a practice amp i can move around
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