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  1. Sorry for the double post. An update: I called Zzounds (where I ordered the FBV 3) and they agreed that the FBV 3 should work, but I'll be exchanging it for a new one. However, afterwards I called Line 6 and they told me it was a firmware issue (in regard to the backward compatibility with things like the Line 6 Spider Valve Mkii). I updated (there were no problems locating the device or updating it) - it had to be plugged direct into the USB port of a computer (not to the hub, which they told me doesn't give enough power, just an FYI for those of you having trouble updating). I'm still experiencing the same issues as before - even worse, actually. It won't even turn on unless I turn the amplifier on and off several times and wait a few minutes and I cannot get any foot switching to occur. If you hit any of the FS1 - FS5 switches - it shows some strange error of FBV 2 and asterisks and other characters. Although I'm going to attempt exchanging the unit in the slight chance it's defective, given the fact that it updated successfully, my guess is that the FBV 3 is not compatible with the Spider Valve Mkii, and there may be potential issues with older devices.
  2. Another weird note (this is on the V 1.0 software). If I even so much as connect the USB, the unit shuts off! I know you can't update the Spider Valve Mkii with the FBV 3, but how are you supposed to update the FBV itself if it turns off when you connect a USB! Line 6, what the heck is going on?!
  3. The manual says nothing about the FBV 3 - I believe that's one major criticism. As someone who personally just dropped over $2,000 on Line 6 products in the last week alone, I am disappointed in the initial rollout of the FBV 3. I'd really like to hear from someone at Line 6 as to whether the FBV 3 is indeed compatible with the Spider Valve Mkii as they claim before I return it for a new one. As it is, this is a huge hassle, and I have no idea why a new unit that had no signs of damage would be defective. Has anyone else who has the FBV 3 had any issues with defective units?
  4. While I wait for my Helix to ship, I ordered the FBV 3 controller to operate my Line 6 Spider Valve Mkii 212 amp for two upcoming gigs. It arrived today and it's been giving me tons of issues. First, it has trouble switching from preset to preset - had to hit it multiple times. Next, my guitar kept cutting out and there were random volume increases. The unit turned off. Turned the amp back on, unplugged the FBV cable, turned on but kept cutting out. I figured it was an issue with my firmware on my Spider Valve Mkii. Didn't update from version 1.2 because I liked the tones I was getting and heard there were some changes (Not all positive). Nevertheless, I updated to 2.0 using my FBV express (which continues to have NO problems). Restarted the amp and plugged in the FBV 3. It works for a second, then when I try to switch to another preset via the foot switch, it stops working. Now it won't even turn on despite restarting the amp and re-plugging the FBV cable in. The FBV 3 is advertised as being compatible with the Spider Valve Mkii. I'm hoping that this is a defective unit, but I can't imagine how. I sadly have no other Line 6 amps to try it with to determine whether it is or not. I've been a long-time Line 6 fan and the only reason I switched from the FBV express Mkii was because the foot switches are plastic and can stick (plus they're too close together). The FBV 3 looked like a great solution, but I have a feeling Line 6 didn't do the testing necessary on older products and assumed because it's similar to the FBV shortboard, this would work too.
  5. I have not updated the FBV 3 - mine just arrived in the main today. It claims it works with the Spider Valve Mkii. It keeps losing power, not working, not switching, volume issues. Updated Spider Valve Mkii 212 to the latest 2.0 software - still the same problem. It won't even turn on half the time. I'm still on 1.0. Not sure if I got a bad unit or what?
  6. Would you be able to bypass the Spider Valve's modeling effects entirely and run the Firehawk FX through it, taking advantage of the tubes? In other words, replacing the SV's built-in modeling functions with that of the Firehawk's?
  7. How would one go about using the Firehawk FX in a modeling capability while taking advantage of a tube amplifier head (similar to what was done with the Spider Valve and DT25/50). Would you just use the 4-cable method through the FX Loop in a clean setting on your amp head and then use the amp/cab/effects within the Firehawk as per usual?
  8. Just finished watching the entire video. All I can say is...WOW!!! I went into that demo/review video expecting it to sound like the horrid days of Spider solid state past and was very pleasantly surprised. It's funny because I've been looking for a set up that is easy to set up and covers a lot of ground since I'm singing lead vocals, playing lead guitar, and switching between keyboard and synth sections as well. I had just about written off playing acoustic guitar live because of the practicality, but clearly that is a non-issue with the FH1500. I'm practically sold and ready to pick up the 1500 and the FBV 3 since it pretty much kills three birds with one stone for me. Before I jump the gun, I would like to get some feedback from those of you who own a FH1500 if you wouldn't mind. 1. The modeling functions are amazingly well done. The Anderton's video showed a very pristine version of the tones. My sound is geared more toward the balancing act between chaos and control, so feedback and a gritty done is important to a lot of my material. Does the FH1500 have the ability to be unpredictable in that sense, something you can easily get with some humbuckers and a tube amp? 2. At higher volumes does the amp really maintain its tone and avoid the static sound of earlier solid state amps, or do tubes still win out in that regard? 3. Can you mic this amp effectively as you would a normal guitar amp? I know one of the selling points is it is loud enough to carry (1500Watts, after all), but not everyone wants to destroy their ears live, especially if they're using IEMs and would prefer to set their amp at a decent volume and let the larger PA system (especially at bigger venues) do the work. 4. Say, for whatever reason, you wanted to run the amp through a 4x12 cab or even through a standard tube amp head to take advantage of the effects (akin to recreating something like the Spider Valve Mkii), would this be possible? (Essentially using it as you might use the Helix as an effects unit rather than an amp). 5. Can you use MIDI to automatically change patches and presets during a song you're playing to a track/click?
  9. Has solid state improved that much? What sold me on the SV Mkii was that it had some modeling functions with the Bogner tube backend. I just remember playing with a guitarist who had a solid state Line 6 years ago and when you cranked that thing for shows, it sounded like a radio tuned to static. I don't quite understand the Firehawk amp (compared to the FX unit). Is it supposed to be an all-in-one stereo speaker? It seems quite complicated in its attempt to do everything, so that's kept me away. How does it handle at higher volumes and do you find you've lost anything giving up the tube portion of the Mkii?
  10. How would you guys rate the quality of the tones? I'm a long-time user of the Spider Valve Mkii 212 and I absolutely loved the combination of the classic tube sound with modeling. Does the Firehawk compare at all?
  11. I've had the Spider Valve Mkii 212 for several years now but have never updated the firmware. I remember reading a few years back that some users didn't like the changes, so I never bothered. I frequently use the Arachnophobia, Cifman (I think that's the name) clean, distortion, and lead, particularly. Is it worth it - or even possible - to upgrade?
  12. I used the Line 6 Spider Valve Mkii for the majority of an album I recorded and I've not been having much luck recreating the sounds using traditional pedal methods, largely because I'm singing and can't hit 2 to 3 pedals at the same time. I'm considering bringing my Spider Valve Mkii on the road for smaller venues, but I also have an Orange half stack for larger shows. Since the Helix is currently out of my budget, I've been looking into the Firehawk FX pedalboard. My question is whether you can also use the Firehawk FX as a controller similar to that of the FBV 3 with the Spider Valve Mkii to control its built-in modeling pre-sets and custom banks. My thinking is that it makes more sense to buy the Firehawk FX multi-effects since I could also just run it through my Orange amplifier when I need to, rather than buying the FBV 3 and not being able to use it for anything else. TL;DR: Can the Firehawk FX be used with the Spider Valve Mkii in the same way that the FBV 3 can, or am I stuck getting the FBV 3? Thanks.
  13. Apologies in advance if threads of this type are commonplace around here. I'm in the process of putting together a live rig for an upcoming tour after just finishing an album and have hit a wall, somewhat. If I had to summarize the problem, it would be that sometimes the idea of a "classic" guitar rig set up and pedal board is better as an idea than a practical reality. I used a combination of a Line 6 spider valve mk II bogner tube amp along with various software effects, plugins, and reamping on the record. My current live setup is an Orange TH30H head and a 4x12 Orange Cab. The tone works for straight ahead rock, but I've had a hell of a time capturing the nuances in the distorted tone and replicating some of the more complicated delays and lead tones. The current live situation requires me to jump a lot from singing, to leads and different tones, to keyboards, and back again. I was checking out the Pod HD500X and then saw the Helix, and well, I was taken. How effective is the Helix compared to something like the Kemper both live and in the studio. On first glance, it seems a bit more versatile as far as having the option to interact more easily with outboard gear. I noticed a few posts by users who own the Kemper and the Helix, and would be interested to hear your thoughts and learn more about your rigs. Thanks!
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