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  1. The only advice I can give you is to not update your FBV3 ... I tried to update mine and nothing happened. The version was shown on the screen and the update was still ongoing on updating software line6 but progress had been over for one hour ... So I decided to stop the update because of the blocked status. My FBV3 stopped working and I had to return it to the after sales service !! :angry: Is anyone did the update successfully ???
  2. Hi, I've tried to update my FBV3 with lin6 updater software. Unfortunately the update has never finished and I had to close the line6 updater software. Now my FBV3 no longer works ... When I plug it into my Firehawk 1500, nothing happens. Is there a way to bring it back to life ? Please help me, I am desesperate. Thanks everybody.
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