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  1. As an early adopter of the Bluetooth concept with my Amplifi 150, I've invested in a Firehawk and so far I'm mightily impressed. In the early days of Amplifi there were issues: 1. Is it gig able....not really, not loud enough, maybe a small pub and that's about it. 2. 4 on-board tones, nowhere near enough 3. Bluetooth in an live environment.... no way, too messy, too risky and too steal able 4. I bought an FBV short board 1 to get more gig tones...mistake, FBV 2 was better but still a frig and not good enough to compete with my stomps. 5. As an in house practice device the Amplifi is great and the stereo is excellent 2. The early Tone Cloud was rubbish. What I wanted was a multi FX that was bombproof and easy to operate at the point of delivery. The Firehawk has got it right. Use the Pad /phone to select and tweak the tones you need, upload to the Hawk and go gig. Brilliantly simple. The tones are mighty close to premier stomps, so much so, only us musos would notice. The Tone library is now brilliant...just type in "Rory Gallagher" and its there, My Gibson custom is magically transformed into a battered Strat. Its also occurred to me, having tried it with a number of guitars, that the guitar is fast becoming redundant; it really doesn't matter what you plug into the Hawk, it still sounds great. This is great news for guys and girls who can't afford a premier guitar.....with the Hawk ... you no longer need one. Word of warning, do NOT try to upgrade the firmware via a pad or phone it can hang and take forever. Use the downloader software available from the L6 website. Yep the boys have got it right, the latency doesn't bother me, you just need to time your run if switching during a performance. Most times I'll be using a max of two tones. And most times I'll be using the pedal as a boost. I've been reading about the Helix and OK it takes this stuff to the next level, but quite frankly for most gigging musos the Hawk is more than enough. Keep rockin Fergy
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