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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I wasn't clear. I'd like to use my Microsoft Surface tablet as a remote controll app, not as a recording interface. But I don't see anywhere to download the remote app for use on a PC, only for use on an Android device (or Ipad etc) When I tried to download it from Google play, it diod not recognize the tablet as compatible with the app. Does anyone know if there is software for a PC to control the Firehawk stting via Bluetooth? Thanks, David
  2. Hi, I'm getting the sinking feeling that I can't use the Firehawk remote app with my Microsoft Surface. I tried to download the app from google play, but it says I "don't have a compatible device." I assume that means that it won't install on a computer. Please tell me there is a download for use on a PC (Microsoft surface) I use a MS surface mounted on my mic stand to run my lightshow and I bought the Firehawk specifically so that I could use the remote app to adjust tone while standing up. Under FAQ is says: "Q: What type of devices can FIREHAWK FX stream Bluetooth audio from? A: Firehawk FX can stream Bluetooth audio from any Android™ device, iOS device, and Mac® or PC equipped with Bluetooth. I've been able to pair the device with the surface, but I can't seem to find a software download that will work on it. I hope I'm wrong. Help! David
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