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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone know of a successful way to route the USB Channels to Helix's sends for backtrack use? From ableton I'm trying to send click out 1, bass out 2, guitars/production out 3/4, and BG vocals out 5/6. I can't seem to get any of the routing to happen without manually creating a path on the second open chain in each patch. This only results in two active outputs. Is it not possible to make this happen?
  2. Hi all, I am considering buying a Helix for performing live. I am trying to travel light, so I would like to use it as an audio interface. Here is what I hope to achieve. I will be using mainstage. I will have a couple of stereo playback signals, a mono click signal, a mono vocal signal, and a stereo effects signal. I would like all of those signals (8 in total) to be routed to 8 line outs, and from there they will be patched to FOH. My main guitar signal will just come out of the main output of the Helix to the FOH. When I was briefly playing around with my friend’s Helix (to see how it operates as an audio interface in Logic), I could see that I could route whatever I wanted to 8 outputs, but then when I tried to connect (what I thought to be) the physical outputs to a mixer, there was no generated signal. So my question is this - is it possible to have 8 discreet outputs, as well as the main (mono or stereo) output (for what I am doing live on the guitar). Many thanks!  David
  3. Hey There, I am using Ableton tracks from my MacBook feeding via USB into my Helix as an audio interface and pushing to my HeadRush FRFR and playing live guitar using my Helix patches. It sounds great but I would like to send the tracks to separate speakers and only have my Helix sound out of HeadRush or any other speaker I use for live performance. Is this possible? I’ve tried but I keep getting a combination of both tracks and my patches. it makes it difficult to adjust levels. Or is my best bet to get a separate audio interface? I know you can just plug the headphone jacks into the board but I don’t want the exposer of the jack getting ripped out and knocking my computer to the floor. I thought the Helix interface would protect my computer since I could use XLR or line outs.
  4. I'm a guitarist currently using the Helix for a top 40 cover band gig on a cruise ship. I bought the Helix because I thought its stylistic versatility and relatively small size would make it ideal for the kinds of music I have to play as well as traveling. I've been a mainly a jazz guitarist for most of my life playing archtops through tube amps with little to no effects. For this reason I have little experience with multi effects boards of this kind or any digital amp modeling. The majority of the playing I do on the cruise ship is in a dance lounge playing through a cheap marshal combo amp. I started playing here a month ago I quickly learned that I could not use any amp model blocks while plugging in to the front of the marshal amp because the sound was excruciatingly bright, harsh and unusable. If I plug the Helix into the effects loop in the back of the amp I can use amp models and they sound better, but after a month of trial I know my clean tone for rhythm guitar sounds better if I just rung straight though the helix with no amp models at all and get my sound from the marshal amp. So what I've been doing is plugging the helix directly into the front of the amp and using the helix only for reverb, delay, chorus, wah and other modulations ect. This is working pretty well for my clean rhythm tones and ambient effects. I'm still feeling kind of bad that I spent so much on this pedal and I'm only using it for a delay and reverb. The real problem is that i've still not been able to produce a reliable lead distortion sound for soloing and playing rhythm distortion parts. All of the distortion and overdrive blocks in the helix sound and feel terrible when plugging the helix into the front of the marshal amp. They become boomy, fuzzy and mushy sounding when I hit the E or A string and they also generally have this hard, stiff and sluggish response that make it impossible to play fluidly. I'm getting pretty frustrated and discouraged because I've been spending a lot of time every day over the past month tinkering with the helix and reading forums about how to optimize it. I now realize it's common knowledge that the Helix was not designed for use playing live straight into to guitar combo amps so its my fault for not researching more before I bought it. I'm feeling like I should have just spent the same amount of money on a pedal board with stomp boxes. I really want to get back to spending my free time practicing and studying bebop, harmony and musical things rather than spending hours a day trying to get a basic distortion sound to feel good. So I would be really grateful to anyone who could give me their thoughts on how to get a good distortion sound from my helix playing through a marshal combo amp on stage. Thanks and I hoping to hear from someone.
  5. I purchased two G10's. I play a Prog gig and I have multiple basses and a 12/4 double neck. I love the freedom of quickly moving to different basses while having no cables laying round. The sound is excellent. The problem I have is when using the double neck. I have one G10 plugged into the 12-string and the other into the bass. When I quickly switch from the bass to the 12-string (or the other way around) there is a lag where the G10 is not engaged. It take a few note for the G10 to "catch up" and active. It's not a big problem, but it's a problem. I really need quick, immediate, response and don't seem to get this.
  6. I know it's a support forum but I still can't help myself from giving Line 6 BIG THANKS here. Yesterday I just took my JTV-69 (with a warmoth neck) and POD HD500 out for their first live show (a graduation celebration of a chinese school band), I plugged the POD directly to PA and it sounded GORGEOUS. When I played the first few notes of Hotel California (with 12 Strings Martin Model) I could just tell how convincing the tone was just from the faces of the audience. Then I could just step on the switches on the POD to change seamlessly from a Martin to a 12 strings Rickenbacker and then to the Humbuckers, just amazing! Again big thanks to Line 6 staff for their genius ideas!
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