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  1. The problem with this is that the guitar is monumentally louder than the backing tracks on Abelton. So even if I turn up the track volume all the way to red on my DAW the guitar is still too loud. When I adjust the trim in global settings it also turns down the track volume and keep the guitar volume louder as if there are set. And of course none of this fixing the awful latency problem I have when using headphones. I am at a loss.
  2. I think this is working now and since I added the output it's all coming out of the monitor but levels seem ok--this is pretty confusing when mixing the two but I am going sit on this for a few days of recording and see what's going on. Do you ever use headphones for monitoring? When I do it's bad at 128 it crackles but even at 256 there can be some issues---as sometimes I want to record before the sun comes up.
  3. I am using Ableton 10.1 Suite. Both the input and output are set to Helix and I have recorded this way before but with terrible latency which is why I wanted to record without headphones. The audio track to the right of the preferences is the Helix track and the record button is armed but doesn't detect a signal. The Track monitor is off. I am thinking I might need a separate audio interface between my mac and monitors and connect the helix outside of that chain.
  4. This works great but the now the issue is that my DAW does not pick up the signal of the guitar. So this is basically what I use for live performances but still have the issue with getting the sound into the DAW for recording. It's all set to master output 1/2.
  5. Hello All, I am trying to figure out how to control the volume of my backing tracks when I am recording guitar through the Helix. Here is my set up: Macbook Pro > USB to Helix 3/4 > XLR outs to Studio Monitors My Helix has two paths--Path A is my guitar patch to Multi Out (which goes to either my Headrush via 1/4 inch or to studio monitors) Path B is 3/4 USB input to XLR out to Monitors ***The Problem #1--I am recording without headphones and the Helix (guitar) is significantly louder and I can't seem to control the volume of the backing track probably because they are both on the same volume from the Helix. Is there a way to do this or should I just get another Audio Interface just for my mac? ***Problem #2 The latency is so bad if I use headphones it's unusable . At 512 the latency is so far behind it's hard to play in time and you cannot adjust the Helix's sample rate below 48000. (At lower sample rates I get the popping and scratching sound so that doesn't work either) Any suggestions on using the Helix with headphones and not getting such bad latency? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hello All, I am in a quandary. I have four snapshots set on the top line and also have some foot switches at the bottom. I ONLY want to erase the four footswitches at the bottom not the actual effect because I want to use the four slots below the Snapshots to control Ableton for live performance. I know how to assign MIDI controls so I am good there. I also DO NOT want to erase the effect just where it is on the scribble strip. When I hit more it goes into full stomp mode that I will put the effects. Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey There, I am using Ableton tracks from my MacBook feeding via USB into my Helix as an audio interface and pushing to my HeadRush FRFR and playing live guitar using my Helix patches. It sounds great but I would like to send the tracks to separate speakers and only have my Helix sound out of HeadRush or any other speaker I use for live performance. Is this possible? I’ve tried but I keep getting a combination of both tracks and my patches. it makes it difficult to adjust levels. Or is my best bet to get a separate audio interface? I know you can just plug the headphone jacks into the board but I don’t want the exposer of the jack getting ripped out and knocking my computer to the floor. I thought the Helix interface would protect my computer since I could use XLR or line outs.
  8. Hi, This is my second Relay (50 now 30) both brand new and both have issues with cutting out. I am standing one foot away from it and it cuts out. If I walk around it cuts out. I have tried multiple channels. I love Live 6 products but the Relay always seemed glitchy--I'm ready to return it. Does anyone have any thoughts on a way for this to be more reliable? I went off of wireless three years ago and now I am back on it and the sound is great but unfortunately this issue persists. Thanks!
  9. Hello Everyone, I am sure I am doing something wrong but when I use the volume pedal when going direct it turns off the delay signal. When I use the volume pedal when using the four cable method the delay trails and sounds cool. I have the delay in the "effects loop" in my signal chain. I get that cello effect when dong the 4CM but can't replicate it when going direct. I also noticed when I was jamming with a friends and running direct into his PA, that when I turned the volume down on my guitar on a dirty patch that the Helix barely picks up the signal and I have to pick much harder to get a signal. The signal also seems delayed when I turn down my guitar volume on the guitar. This doesn't seem to be an issue on the clean channel but I rarely turn down the volume on a clean patch. The when volume on my guitar is all the way up the patches work fine. Also, the volume pedals works fine but not for getting the effect I want using the 4CM Below is my signal chain and any help would be appreciated.
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