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  1. Hi all, I am considering buying a Helix for performing live. I am trying to travel light, so I would like to use it as an audio interface. Here is what I hope to achieve. I will be using mainstage. I will have a couple of stereo playback signals, a mono click signal, a mono vocal signal, and a stereo effects signal. I would like all of those signals (8 in total) to be routed to 8 line outs, and from there they will be patched to FOH. My main guitar signal will just come out of the main output of the Helix to the FOH. When I was briefly playing around with my friend’s Helix (to see how it operates as an audio interface in Logic), I could see that I could route whatever I wanted to 8 outputs, but then when I tried to connect (what I thought to be) the physical outputs to a mixer, there was no generated signal. So my question is this - is it possible to have 8 discreet outputs, as well as the main (mono or stereo) output (for what I am doing live on the guitar). Many thanks!  David
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