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  1. How to connect JTV to a Yamaha Tyros 5 keyboard and use the onboard guitar amps. Without using a PC!
  2. It hapened recently, after plugging in the jack cable in the JTV, the model selector won't get activated after pushing it. Guitar stays in pick up mode. Battery indicates 4 green lights. It works again after putting the battery out and back in. Small thing but it could get worse. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  3. Total blame on me! Opened up the wire section in the back. Dustbin! After blowing with compressor: AWESOME SOUND :-)
  4. The lollipoping thing won't last. Opened it up, sprayed the piezo and the sound was great. Till next day. Again business as usual. Low e string volume. Also I hear the pick up string sound in the same time. So impossible with alternate tunings. What a horrible line6 service network. No repair anywhere whatsoever.
  5. So if nothing Works one has to help himself right. Here's the solution. In fact worth a lot of money. TURN THE PIEZO 180 degree!
  6. Thanks a lot! How, where I find the piezo? By removing the sadle? I dont have an idea what it looks like
  7. So, my e string sounds low volume. Im using pod xt live. It can't be sorted out by lowering the other strings. The signal is just weak as well. Im in Bulgaria, no service there. Also saving from workbench to the JTV is not working by HD. Using a mini laptop. To weak? What can I do.. Order some parts? Which, where..
  8. Yea I tried contact spray but without compressing air in first. I will try that. Meanwhile setting NR noisereduction to about 1/3-1/2 helps a lot. Boss gt1 But anyway, the modelled sounds sounding less then the pick up sounds. Might one mix them more and buy workbench HD. With workbench it can be done very well but not saved(
  9. If connected by Jack to any PA my JTV does a loud SSSSHHHHHH. When in pick up mode. 2 years ago the cap covering the VDI input broke, so its always open. Maybe it's full of dust now? How to clean? Thanks!
  10. SOLVED! When tuning the low E string alternative just pulled the string a few times with force. Kick it so to speak and the miracle: the new tuning was accepted!
  11. Thanks!, I'm just trying manual. I push the guitar type selector till it flashes. Then choose a alternate tuning position. Play the tone I want, check and store by pushing the type selector again. As described in the manual. My PC setup would be thru a pod xt live. What means having the low E string set wrong? So I'm happy it's not the piezo!
  12. Al other strings can be put in alternative tunings but the low E won't change. Tried re flash. Thanks for any solutions!
  13. Those who say they hear no difference between VDI and a Guitar cable should try taking an acoustic Spanish guitar and rock over a Marshal amp. Sure they would love it. it's al about wishfull thinking here. We want the guitar cable drive! But I agree, there is too much advantage auto modle changing. You can't use your brain when you have an insisiting audiance.
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