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  1. lukesmale

    Multiple outs in 4cm

    Hi following the great news it's possible I have googled for the past hour with no joy. Do you know where the solution is documented?
  2. lukesmale

    Multiple outs in 4cm

    excellent thanks, that's that decision made then
  3. lukesmale

    Multiple outs in 4cm

    Hi I have googled and watched the videos I could but I can't find something so hoping you can help I just returned a headrush as I couldn't get 4 cable method to work (no where to add the physical amps pre-amp in the chain) I am now thinking of getting the helix but I need to check I can do the following 1. 4 cable method - so I can put fx before the amp and in the loop when using as an fx processor (no amp and cab sim etc) and at the same time 2. Output into Logic Pro adding amp and cab sim in for recording So basically I would have a 4cm setup with just the fx going to my Dual Dark 50 but an alternative output going to my DAW which includes amp and cab sim Possible? videos? help?