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  1. Hi guys. The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ is industry standard and one of the most popular, accessible and easily one of the best all-round pedal power supply unit you can buy today. I've seen soooo many guys saying they need to sell their Voodoo Lab PP2+ power supply because it won't power their HX Stomp. Before you do that READ THIS POST! This will work on most boards, depending on board height and where your power supply is on the board. All you need to power an HX Stomp or HX effects is a cable from the courtesy outlet that you can plug the supplied wall wart into. that it literally it. As I'm in the UK I needed to get an IEC 320 C14 Male to USA UL 2Pin female power cord 28CM (click name to link...) and connect it to the courtesy outlet on the PP2+. You may need a different variation depending on where in the world you are but IT WORKS! It works, no dropouts, plenty of power to go around, safe. Don't go selling your Voodoo Lab PP2+ just because people have suggested you need a new one (or ordered you to buy the biggest, most expensive power supply because they have it and it's amazing at powering their 5 pedals with less than 30mA needed each, apart from that £350 delay pedal but now you have to buy it too because REASONS.. we've all seen those Facebook threads....). Anyway, the bottom line is this... Don't feel the need to splash out on a new PSU for your entire board just to power one thing. There are lower cost solutions that work. This particular solution cost me £6 or less. You can see it working HERE
  2. I'm late to the party but what did you use for the mic stand fitting?
  3. Hi all. I'm using the 4 cable method with my X3 live. I have set up a user patch with my own tones (after using Gearbox). My problem is when my drive channel on the amp is on there is a weird whining feedbacking sort of sound. I've set all my fx correctly through the front of the amp and through the power section via the fx loop using the 4 cable method. What could it be? I've also noticed one or two issues. Firstly, once I made my user preset, every other patch is inaudible even though I've not messed with any other patch or the volumes on any patch (even my user preset) . Secondly, when I'm on any preset patch on the pod X3 live the screen jumps from one display to the other without me touching anything. For example... say I'm on patch 1A... the display will jump from the fx chain screen to the amp model editing screen then to the patch number screen and I don't have to touch anything for it to happen. When I hit a stomp or mod it still changes to the amp model editing screen or the patch number screen. Any ideas guys?
  4. I managed to download the software to edit patches (stompbox style and in the 4 cable method) but now when i hit my drive channel there's a whiny hissy feedback sort of sound. Any ideas?
  5. I'd also like to deactivate the tone1/2 button and the option altogether. How can i do this? Also how can I add my amp preamp into the patch and take out the pod x3 preamp?
  6. I'd also like to deactivate the tone1/2 button and the option altogether. How can i do this? Also how can I add my amp preamp into the patch and take out the pod x3 preamp?
  7. Right. Got you. So i could essentially set it up to do as follows.. Patch A. Amp drive preamp with fx. Patch B. Amp drive preamp (but louder volume eg solo boosted patch) with fx. Patch C. Pod X3 clean Preamp model with fx. Patch D. Pod X3 drive Preamp model with fx. Is this correct?
  8. Ok, so is it possible to just turn on and off fx and have them run through the poweramp including the stomp button as a volume/gain boost (or use the comp/boost switch) but still using my amps preamp? And the wah pedal through the amps preamp? And maybe turn an amp model on/off instead of using my preamp? or would i just need to set up a patch then turn fx on and off in that patch? Im struggling to get my head around this :/
  9. Couldn't I use "stomp box mode" just to use the effects then? I'd love to be able to use the EQ on and off as well as the comp, delay, reverb and chorus or flanger.
  10. I am a complete technophobe when it comes to trying out new things and to top it off, when I do eventually take the plunge I struggle getting to grips with gear and finding ways of doing myself as I have learning difficulties. I've had a pod x3 live for a while now and I've been recommended to use the 4 cable method as I have an awesome amp with a stunning preamp but I don't use it I've looked at it and there are no tutorials online to show me exactly how to set it up. Here is exactly what I want to do.. I want to use my amplifier's preamp and assign stompboxes to all of the foot switches (excluding bank up/down, comp/boost and tap tempo) to come after my preamp with the option of using one of the footswitches to engage an amp model and bypass my amps preamp as and when I want it without having to swap banks in and out. Is this possible? If so... How do I set it up on the pedal? I can go without using the amp model but I thought it would be easier than having a channel switcher for my amp as well as my x3 live.
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