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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I would like to know if is possible to use 4 Cable Method & FX Loop at same time on the HX Stomp. Anyone have tried this? What do I need to do this? I always have to change my cables when I'm playing in different places, so I want to let the connections ready and just plug the cables, more specifically, I'll use 100% of time my pedals on the FX Loop (cuz I use it after a comp), and when I need to use the 4 Cable Method, I just want to plug the cables to and from the amp. Kind regards Gabriel
  2. Hi, I want to keep using my two TC Electronic Flashback delay pedals and planned to have it between the amp model and the speaker model, using the FX Loop. So I inserted a FX Loop L/R (in stereo) in the chain, used the SEND output to link Stomp to a Flashback Mini (which is in Mono), this in turn sends to the mono input of the regular Flashback. There I use a delay of about 500 msec plus a "dotted eight" switch, so the first delay is L and the dotted eight delay is R. The two Flashback outputs go back into the HX Stomp RETURN (L and R), and then the Stomp sends OUTPUT L and R to two different amps. But: the two delay signals are not stereo, actually both delays come out of both amps. When I do not use the FL Loop L/R block but put the two Flashback pedals after the HX Stomp (using the regular OUTPUT, then the Flashback pedals and the second pedal sends in stereo, L to one amp, R to the other), it works perfectly: one delay coming out of one amp, the other delay out of the other amp. I could probably live with this, but that solution makes using the HX Stomp as audio interface impossible (because the delay pedals now come after the HX Stomp, so the USB output would lack the delay effects. So I do not understand why the FX Loop L/R block did not produce the same stereo outcome. If the second setup works (as it always did since I started using the Flashback pedals), I believe that the Flashback output is indeed stereo. So why then, when connecting the two Flashback outputs with the to RETURN (L/R) entries of the HX Stomp and using its stereo OUTPUT (L/R), do I only get a mono result? I'd be thankful for explanations and tips, Martin
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