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  1. If I am not mistaken, running directly into the power amp is line level. As was pointed out to me, running into the FX loop is not dissimilar from running into the power amp. Try running into the Fx loop and make sure the helix volume is up full. I am now running it this way and I have no issues with input. Hope this helps.
  2. Well done joemoder, that is some very useful info. Next update I will try your tips and see if I can get the helix to update through the laptop knowing I have a fall back with my tower if it bricks up again. Thanks for posting. The Helix is awesome.
  3. Mmm, I guess looking at the pre amp valves is the next logical step. Anyway to borrow some, maybe from another amp to see if it cures it before you splash out? I think it's forum posting time.
  4. Yes, its a Packard Bell Easynote TS11HR. 8gb ram. Intel core i5. It's quite and old machine now running windows 7. It seems the trick is to find a stable USB that works and stick to it.
  5. Hi, spent 8 hours trying to update my brand new unplayed Helix to latest firmware yesterday. After reinstalling latest uploader and helix app a million times, reverting back to previous installs, trying to manually reboot with various footswitch configurations, updating my Windows OS and sitting in the lotus position while praying to the heavens and eating a KitKat in perfect 3cm sections it turns out that the Helix just likes a very strong USB connection. I finally had success with plugging into a rear port of a good tower pc in update mode (footswitches 6 and 12 on startup). So if this happens to you, think of any friend that has a good gaming or music pc and plead them to let you update your pride and joy through their machine. I want to save you 8 hours of hell. If one person benefits from this Info then it was worth posting. Thanks for listening.
  6. So for any that are interested, The wife finally caved and I got the Helix. Before playing a note through it I endured an 8 hour struggle with updating to the latest firmware, turns out after many hours of swearing over a brand new bricked Helix, it prefers strong USB ports to upgrade. An FX unit with scruples, I love it already. Very impressed with it so far. Cue many more posts of 'how the hell do I do this with helix?' Big thanks to all the above posters for the invaluable info. :)
  7. Thanks jmp 22684, You are clearly a smart, meticulous individual. A lot of great information there, I shall be referring back to your post no doubt. I may even dip a toe in the pros of Excel! Good tip. As for your squeel issue, Have you tried different guitars? Also, have you tried standing as far as you can from it? Does it still squeel? It might be worth experimenting with your channel volume in relation to your gain?. I use the 410hjs, bit less gain on tap, sounds wonderful and channel 2 sounds like my old jcm800. It also has noise gates to combat noise. I will always try everything else first though before relying on noise gates. I will come to you first time a problem occurs! Thank you for the offer. Really helpful reply, thank you.
  8. Ok, thank you, I will experiment. I should imagine it would also depend on the length of the midi cable. Cheers.
  9. Good point, it's all subjective to your own taste isn't it. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Really? ok, thanks for the heads up. How quick are the changes?
  11. Ah! Thank you Frodebro! Just the answer I was looking for. Yes, the FX loop is switchable so I think this would be the one to use, Also it has a return level with cut and boost up to 6db so it's the more flexible root. Thanks again for your reply, very much appreciated.
  12. Hi all, I am a noobie joobie here so please be kind and thank you in advance for reading this thread. I am thinking about buying the Helix as a replacement for my pedalboard, I have a Marshall JVM410hjs which I love the tone of and play live with a V30 loaded 4x12. The back connections to the JVM are quite versatile and not only have a programmable serial FX loop but also a power amp INSERT, IN and OUT. I want to run the Helix as the main control (forget channel switching for now) and have Fx pre and post preamp via 4 cable method. Is there a way I can utilize the fx loop and the power amp insert to run preamps from the Helix through the power amp insert (obviously minus cab models) and post fx through the loop. Basically making the preamp on the Marshall JVM another 'preamp' in the Helix? Footswitched in via the loop. So all Helix preamp models go through power amp Insert but by using the loop i can use my Marshall's preamp as an added preamp and having the Fx through it? Maybe I'm thinking backwards here and there is an easier way i.e. normal 4 cable method, just wondered if there was any benefit of running it this way, or maybe using the power amp IN will negate the loop. appreciate all your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for listening.
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