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  1. Yo ! I recently bought Pod X3, the red bean version and I've been wondering if I can attach ANY footswitch or do I have to use Line 6 FBV ? Thanks from advance :3
  2. I fired up the POD X3 yesterday and the white noise was just too much. I don't know how to deal with it because I've never done this before. If anyone has encountered or dealt with these symptoms, it would really help me if you could give me some advice. The white noise was very bad, even when I tried to connect the microphone and guitar separately. I was connected to my PC at the time, so I recorded with DAW software and the white noise was brilliantly mainstreamed. (Both the microphone and guitar.) I thought it might be due to the connection to the PC, so I started up the POD X3 with the connection between the POD X3 and the PC disconnected and away from the PC and monitor, and the white noise was terrible even in that state. Incidentally, I recorded with a POD X3 with a guitar and microphone and with DAW software between February and April of this year, and when I checked yesterday, there was no white noise at all in the recordings from that time. If anyone knows what causes these and how to remedy the white noise, it would be really helpful to have some advice. (The white noise is terrible, but the guitars and microphones sound normal. Also, I tried changing the headphones to different ones but no change.) Thank you!
  3. I have a POD X3 and was wondering if anyone has been able to set up the volume pedals so that each controls Tone 1 and Tone 2 independently? I have a board with 1 pedal and I plug in the auxiliary pedal that is assignable, but can't figure out how to assign it to the volume for Tone 2 while using the main pedal for Tone 1, not sure if its even possible, but if it is I would like to know how! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, hope it will be a good one! Mark
  4. Good day dear Line6 and everyone!! Q.1 I have POD X3 and POD HD Bean. I connect them to two KRK monitors through this mixer: Please tell me which 6.3jack cables I need to use to operate one POD in stereo and where to connect them? 2 TRS or 2 TS? If I connect one or two cables, which inputs are should I use the mixer in these two separate cases? Please read the instructions for the mixer. I look forward to hearing from you, with respect. I'm playing through GearBox. Q.2 What cables should I use from this list to connect two monitors to the mixer? I also want to inform you that the engineer from RJM who produced this mixer advised me to use 2 mono-jack cables to mono-xlr (ground connected to sleeve in xlr-connector). But I want to ask you, it will be the right option if I do not have grounding in the outlet and whether there will be noise from ground fault with sleeve on every cable? If there is another connection option from the list, then please inform me of the best option. All in two photos. Q.3 How to adjust the impedance on this sound path? (Guitar Processor> Mixer> Monitors) What value should not exceed and not be underestimated at the inputs and outputs. Give an example please (Guitar processor> Mixer> Monitors). Mini Line Mixer Manual.pdf MLM-1 Example.pdf
  5. Installing Gearbox for POD X3 on OS X 10.12.6 Sierra This process works with the POD X3, I cannot confirm that it will work with any other POD of any other operating system other than OS X 10.12.6, Sierra, although it may. Download: Gearbox 3.72 for OS X from Line 6 Downloads: Select: All Hardware | GearBox | All OS - 1. Run the Line Monkey 1.78 App and insure that your software is up to date, particularly “Flash Memory 2.00” 2. Perform a typical install of Gearbox 3.7.2 3. Navigate to /System/Library/Extensions and remove, rename or relocate the “Line6Audio.kext” file. 4. Replace it with the "Line6AudioSigned.kext" file (Linked Below), or extract the file yourself from the Drivers 7.6.8 download. Select: POD X3 | All Software | All OS - Please share your results, so others might benefit from your experience.
  6. This release of Gearbox Standalone adds support for Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.6. GearBox Plug-In Support does not apply, please see the following knowledge base article for more details: Gearbox Plug-in Effect: Discontinued New features/changes/fixes in this release: The currently released drivers and Line 6 Monkey with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard support are bundled with this GearBox package. A minor bug which could cause the tonedirect volume to be set to 0 with some patches was fixed. You can download the latest Gearbox release at: System Requirements: WINDOWS® Pentium® 4, 1.2GHz or better (2.5Ghz or higher recommended) Windows® XP® (with SP2 or better) or Windows® Vista® (32 bit and 64 bit versions are supported) 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended) 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording) USB 1.1 or 2.0 port on computer for connecting Line 6 hardware (USB 2.0 port is required for TonePort UX8 and POD X3 family devices) Internet connection required for activation (once activated, Internet connection is not required, except for access to optional Guitar Port Online membership service). Host application that supports RTAS* or VST Plug-ins (for optional GearBox RTAS/VST Plug-In) MACINTOSH® Intel® or Power PC® based G4 1.5GHz or better (G4 1.67 or better recommended) OS X 10.4 or better 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended) 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording) USB 1.1 or 2.0 port on computer for connecting Line 6 hardware (USB 2.0 port is required for TonePort UX8 and POD X3 family devices) Internet connection required for activation (once activated, Internet connection is not required, except for access to optional Guitar Port Online membership service). Host application that supports RTAS* or AU Plug-ins (for optional GearBox RTAS/AU Plug-In) Known Issues: Master and Record section controls of GearBox app stay active in Tuner mode. They will have no audible effect in Tuner mode, but the application will re-sync all parameters when exiting Tuner mode. GearBox will not always save the correct amp model and/or settings when transferring to an X3 unit. The work-around at this point is to edit a parameter (i.e. move the volume knob up and then back to the original position), and then the tone will store/transfer correctly. GearBox Player will not playback .m4a files. You will need to convert them into .mp3 files. Changing Variax models during ‘Tone Transfer’™ with GearBox can cause MIDI device timeout error- please allow Tone Transfer to complete before changing Variax models. GearBox vocal presets default POD X3 input to guitar instead of mic due to them being created prior to POD X3 hardware - the input can be changed once the tone is loaded. GearBox application does not prompt save on application exit - users must remember to save changed tones before exiting the application. GearBox application defaults to Variax Electric panel. If an acoustic or bass is connected, please select the proper Variax type manually to sync software to the attached Variax. Rapid switching of Variax via 5 way selector switch on the guitar can cause the application to fall out of sync with the currently selected Variax model. Tones can get out of sync between POD X3 and Gearbox when doing special case tone selection. This includes tone swap, Lock Tone loading, and choosing to only load Tone 1 or Tone 2 of a patch from the X3 hardware. Please use the GearBox software to choose tones, or double click a different tone in the editor to resync the app and hardware. Gearbox reverts back to American Punk preset upon new launch if last tone is not saved before closing the application. Mac® OS X Exclusive Issues Typing in GuitarPort Online text fields causes system alert sounds. Player cannot open mono audio files. Drive knob redraw in GearBox can be sluggish when controlling Drive from X3 hardware. Turning the knob in GearBox software does not result in sluggish response, only from hardware.
  7. Hi , I own POD X3 and Toneport DI . Is it possible to transfer the license Of POD farm2 on my X3 to my toneport DI
  8. Hi all i have been trying to find reviews of the pod x3 versus mobile pod software with sonic port into an iPad? i wanted to know if the sound quality of a dedicated pod Iike the x3 sounds better than mobile pod on iPad. Anyone got any advice or has tested this comparison. Thanks.
  9. Just recently, I finally purchased a Spider Valve 212 (not MKII)... I've been looking at one of these for years, but just never had the money to spend on one (still can't justify buying the newer version.) I am looking for information on how to use a POD X3, and the 4-Cable Method with my Spider Valve 212. I've read in a few different places that a POD X3 Live can't do this with the SV212, in other places, I've read that it can... Can anybody clarify this for me... In order to use the 4-Cable Method with the SV212... What do I need? POD X3 Live FBV Shortboard and POD X3 Bean Thanks!
  10. hi, i bought a pod x3 years ago. i also installed the associated pod farm software for free on my imac. i didn't purchase any pod farm license. unfortunately my imac broke down some weeks ago and i had to buy a new imac. now i want to install the pod farm software for free again, but i don't know which version i had installed and which version i now can install for free. i opened a support ticket 5 days ago, but line6 unfortunately did not answer until now. maybe someone here can answer my question? thanx a lot jet green
  11. HI, I have a POD X3 (Bean not live) and cannot install gearbox on my MacBook Pro (mid 2009) with OS X El Capitan. The POD is working ok with Pod farm and the Monkey recognize the unit ok... When I try to install gearbox all goes fine until the gearbox tells me that there is no valid drive. I can see from the Gearbox installation pop-up window my C drive with a exclamation mark (!) on it. Is POD X3 product still being supported by LIne6? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I've got a Cry Baby 535q Wah Pedal sits between my guitar & my Pod X3. I've read that e.g. it might be better to have the Wah pedal sitting somewhere other than between my guitar & (in my case) my Pod X3. Has anyone got any advice on any advantages using the Wah on the FBV Express MKII might give me over my current set up. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I've got a Cry Baby 535q Wah Pedal sits between my guitar & my Pod X3. I've read that e.g. it might be better to have the Wah pedal sitting somewhere other than between my guitar & (in my case) my Pod X3. Has anyone got any advice on any advantages using the Wah on the FBV Express MKII might give me over my current set up. Thanks.
  14. recording process: and presets:
  15. Hello everyone, I'm here to ask if it is safe to upgrade to windows 10 and my X3 will work; I've read of people having trouble with W10 so, to this day, have all those problems been fixed? by the way, do I need to uninstall everything from line 6, upgrade and then install again the proper drivers and all? thank you! pod x3's still an awesome tool!
  16. I am getting nasty electric shocks from guitar to microphone with my X3 Live. I have a much loved Pod X3 Live - and I have recently discovered (in our new practice room setup) that I get shocks when holding guitar and a properly grounded microphone. I have troubleshooted the system and mains supply thoroughly, and traced this to the way the X3 Live processes incoming phantom power. I have excluded bad grounds on all devices, except the Line 6 POD X3 which has no independent ground via its (original) Line 6 power supply - (ie the ground is 'floating' as it should). The negative power supply connection is not ground. I bought a new digital multi-meter to troubleshoot this. I though it was a mic signal path problem at first but have now ruled that out. I've measured 48-50V between the guitar and any good ground, eg the vocal mike in our studio /rehearsal setup - and other guitars, rack kit chassis etc. Though just 50V, it's still a noticeable shock, a lip on the microphone was the first experience and is quite a 'belt' very much felt with fingers too. The voltage drops to zero when I turn off the (global) phantom power on mixer My signal path is: Guitar > Pod X3 > XLR out L to Desk (for monitoring) and XLR out R straigh into to a Firewire 8/8 Recording interface. If I have phantom on on either of those, there is 48-50V potential between the guitar ground and a microphone. Turn both off, no voltage present. The conclusion I have come to is that there is a problem in the Line 6 Pod X3 Live unit that's causing the phantom potential to raise the guitar input's ground wire to become 50V above ground 'proper'. As our desk is Phantom Power 'global' (and other devices like active DI boxes and condensers need the phantom), it's not something I can turn off except perhaps by buying a decoupling transformer as a phantom blocker. I've tested adding a ground wire from my guitar to another guitar (other ground) - to check that the mixer phantom power supply does not object to that by just sending the unwanted 50V to ground - and remaining phantom-powered items connected to the board are still operating OK. They do. So I'm thinking to jury-rig a 'proper' ground to the Pod X3 Live unit somehow to defeat this issue. I'm minded to make a cable that connects one end to a good ground- the mains socket - and then using only the green earth wire of course, and connect this ground to the X3 Live to an used connection (XLR Microphone input Pin 1 ) which my meter tells me is on the same ground buss as the guitar input (as it should be). I am well out of warranty with Line 6 on this unit, while Line 6 have been very helpful to me with an issue I had once before (on my Variax 300) - I'm not expecting their help on this or for this to become a 'send back for repair issue', and am not sure if it's a problem that has always been present and I have just noticed it... My question to the forum community is: has anyone else experienced anything like this? Perhaps in the X3 schematics there is something that shows the circuit schematic of how phantom power coming into the X3 Live through the Direct Outs as is in my case, on pins 2&3 is raising the ground voltage of the guitar input to 50V above 'good' ground. Perhaps there is an internal component that has failed. If so, what would it be? Is there an internal decouplng transformer to disregard any incoming phantom voltage that has failed? Thanks for your time reading this.
  17. I really need some good advice on what suitable products are available, their comparable features and if they are compatible working with each other My current set up... Hardware - PC with Intel Core i5 4690K CPU @ 3.5GHz, 8GB RAM, 64-bit & Windows 7 Interface – Line 6 POD X3 and a FBV Express MKII pedal board. I also have an ipad, iphone 4, iRig and iRig2 Software – Riffworks and Instant Drummer by Sonoma Wire Works, Line 6 Gearbox / POD Farm VST / Plugins – Amplitube (Most of the collections and options currently available with Amplitube 3 and Amplitube 4 is on pre-order), Audified (Gallien-Krueger) Studio Monitors – 2x JBL LSR305 monitors and a JBL LSR310 Sub Amps – Marshall DSL100 (w/ 1960a cab), Marshall Lead 12 and Ampeg SVT-7 Pro (w/ Hartke VX810 cab) Instruments – many electric guitars and bass guitars. Mic - SM57 FX Pedals – Vai II Wah, Dunlop JH-1s Wah, Behringer Hellbabe Wah / Vol, Joyo OD (sold all my old FX pedal gear as it was not being used anymore) Bass DI / FX – Hartke VXL Attack and Tech21 VT Bass DI Drums - SWW Instant Drummer. I do like a lot of the gear on instant drummer but it isn’t very flexible and not programmable at all. I like the ability to click and play but sometimes I want a section different or something added / removed etc This is a relatively easy set-up to use most of the time but is quite limited. A short time ago I worked out that I needed to completely zero the line level output from my POD X3 when using the plugins to eliminate the annoying echo I could hear previously on most patches. I was never a fan of plugins before because of this echo but now I have worked out how to get the pure tone only… I Love them, especially the bass tones. Riffworks has its benefits when wanting to sectionalise pieces of a song but it can make it hard to get the flow of an entire song idea. I would prefer to play my instruments rather than engineer, so although I would like as good a quality set-up as possible I also need to keep the system as simple as possible for my battered old brain to handle. I also cant justify spending too much more on gear, even though my music is my passion, I have family commitments and real world costs that take priority $$$. My main focus is getting... · a better quality interface that is compatible with as many other products as possible and can incorporate an expression / wah pedal option. · more flexible software that is compatible with most plugins and can easily be produced / exported in usable formats. I would also be keen on being able to add more production feature and virtual instruments etc. suitable drum software would also be a key part of this · best possible plugins that can be used with my gear I seems there are many quality alternative options these days to all departments but im not looking to change too much, maybe just optimise, upgrade or enhance what i have already. I am thinking i should upgrade my interface for starters but maybe keep the X3 and FBV Express for my live Amp FX loop and wah (once set up correctly). I need to learn how to program the FBV Express MKII Wah so I can use the Amplitube or Gearbox wah tones as they should be rather than coloured by the default FBV tone patch. How else can the Amplitube wah pedals be used as fully functional wah pedals? Recently i had planned using my iPad / iRig2 and Amp Sim apps into the fx loop, power amp input or front input of my real amps to give me a warehouse of sound options live but although this seemed plausible but in theory the reality just sounded bad. Perhaps it might be more possible if used a laptop and better interface but the live set up really isnt that important these days as everything i do now is usually confined to my home bedroom studio and computer
  18. My Pod X3 has been unused for several months, and when I turned it on today, the message: "UPDATE FLASH" came onto the unit, and that is when I updated both my Line 6 Monkey Software, drivers, flash for the software... and eventually updated the flash on the unit. I went through the process several times, and continue to get the same message: "UPDATE FLASH" Please Help!
  19. malfunction in Windows 10 "device not migrated": works well with ASIO drivers, while the Line 6 audio output, but does not work Audio Recording line 6. Now reinstall the drivers, but nothing. He says he is being used by another device, but not true
  20. Hi all, I'm going nuts trying to figure out why my computer will only recognize outputs 1-2 over USB audio. It started when I installed drivers on a brand new Mac running the latest version of Yosemite. On my old Mac, it had no problems recognizing all 8 outputs on the same version. I uninstalled drivers and reinstalled drivers and did everything short of a fresh Yosemite install to try to get it to work, but in both my DAW (Logic) and the system level Audio/Midi Inspector, it only shows outputs 1-2. I know another user on here has mentioned it in another thread--has anyone else encountered this and/or found a fix? I use multi-output to record and process wet and dry signals without having to screw around with latency issues, and this is killing my workflow.
  21. Hello I was wondering if there is anyway you can "lock" the master volume knob like the rest of the knobs? If I or someone else mistakenly bumps into my gear and hit any knobs its no big deal because you have to hit save...Except for the Master Volume! If this gets bumped your screwed. Anyway to set this knob to a specific setting and just lock it there? If not it sure would be a great feature to have! thanks.
  22. When changing from one bank to another, the volume is lose, sometimes the POD X3 restart automatic and then start the sound. How can fix that?
  23. Hi all! My POD X3 Live was working perfectly, but one day a week ago the sound changed. The only thing I can hear is the reverb of the presets, the main sound is like "off". So, I can hear the distortion, wha-wha... trough the reverb, but not the original sound of the preset. I can't work with the sound like this. ¿Do you know what could be happening? ¿What can I do? P.S: I have tested lots of presets, and they all have the same problem. Also I have updated and reinstalled firmware, drivers...
  24. Hey guys, I still record with my POD X3. Wondering if many of you do as well. I got a pretty good acoustic sound for my Godin Multiac Nylon here on this recording of Pat Metheny's "Letter From Home." Please check it out. Bruce
  25. If been perplexed by this issue for months, trying to understand and fix it. Time to ask the experts. When ever I try to use the Pod HD for recording in my studio and it sounds raspy and unusable. I've also noticed this when trying to use headphones. I've set the unit for "Direct", but it still sounds terrible. For reference I have an original Pod version 1, a Pod Pro, and a Pod X3 connected to my Mackie board and they all sound great Direct and with headphones. Why does the Pod HD sound so bad? I have tried all of the output setting with no success. If I plug the unit into and amp and set it accordingly it's a bit better, but has to be excessively tweaked to get it to sound right. I have had better success turning off the Pod's cab emulation off and using one from another device. This seems to fix the raspy tone issue for direct recording and for going into an amp. While this was fine for experimentation I do not want to pull out 2 pieces of gear to do what one piece should be able to achieve. So can you help me to get the Pod HD to sound as good as the original Pod and Pod X3 going directed and to headphones? Thanks.
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