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      Welcome to the Line 6 forums!

      Hello, Line 6ers. We are pleased to announce the latest incarnation of our community support forums. Feel free to explore and post threads. Our forums are here so that our community members will continue to help one another, partake in respectful, thought-provoking debates and conversations, and forge great relationships.   Line 6 has appointed the Line 6 Experts to moderate the forums, but occasionally, Line 6 staff will post to certain threads. As these are community support forums, please remember that your post is not a direct message to Line 6. If you need to contact our technical staff, please do so at www.Line6.com/support. Also, please submit your product ideas at www.line6.ideascale.com so the community can vote up the best ideas.
      For those who've used our previous forum system, please note that the old forums are archived in a read-only state at http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/ There's still a lot of useful information there.   We'd like to remind everyone that by using our forums, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, found at http://line6.com/termsofuse.html. Please remember to treat everyone with respect, and expect the same from your fellow community members. We're looking forward to your continued contributions to our community.       Line 6 Customer Support
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      What tones do you want Line 6 to build?

      Folks,   Here is where to go to let Line 6 know what tones you are interested in seeing built: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/ideafactory.do?mode=top&discussionFilter=byids&discussionID=47764. We will use your feedback when creating how-to videos and setting presets on our products.   One tone per submission so others can vote on it, please. We encourage you all to submit as many tones as you want, but it doesn't work when you lump them all into one submission. Thanks!       Line 6 Customer Support
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      Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes

      Tone Made Easy is a series of classes presented by Line 6 that teaches the fundamentals of how to create great guitar tone using basic techniques and equipment knowledge.   For content that you can reference to learn how to become a better sounding guitar player, including the templates that re-create some of your favorite guitarist's tones, go to http://line6.com/tone-templates/.   To learn more about Tone Made Easy and other events, go to http://line6.com/events/.
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      "Why is Line 6 not responding???"   10/29/2015

      Friends of Line 6,   We notice that many times, customers ask on our forums "Why is Line 6 not responding???"   Please understand that our forums exist so that our community members can help one another and talk to each other. Our very knowledgeable Line 6 Experts monitor and moderate our forums, and have direct lines to Line 6 staff to report trouble or get useful information, but they are not paid employees of Line 6. Line 6 staff is generally aware of the most sensitive and/or active forum threads, and occasionally will post to certain threads. However, our forum is not the appropriate place to ask Line 6 for a response to your questions. Additionally, sending a private message to a Line 6 staff member does not guarantee a response.   Remember, if you need to contact our technical staff, we welcome you to do so at www.Line6.com/support. Here you can either create a support ticket or call our US or EU staffs.   Also, "Why is Line 6 not responding???" can mean "Why is Line 6 not fixing {insert issue}???" Again, Line 6 staff is generally aware of the most sensitive and/or active forum threads and issues. Please know that once we are aware of a given issue, we have to capture enough data to reproduce and understand the issue, create the resolution for the problem, test it, and make sure that nothing else is broken in the process. Unfortunately, the process takes weeks and sometimes even months, depending on the complexity of the issue, cooperation of other companies, and a variety of other factors. We appreciate your patience during those times, and we'll do even better at providing meaningful communications periodically.   In the end, we, your fellow musicians, truly want to resolve any such issues as quickly as possible so you can get back to making music with your Line 6 gear. We thank you for your patronage and your understanding.       Best Regards,   Line 6
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      Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets   01/11/2016

      Please be aware that downloaded tones, patches and presets that were created by other users have the potential to be corrupted and not work correctly on the target device. Firewall/Antivirus/Internet security applications, Internet/video accelerators and proxy servers, among other things, can be causes of trouble with downloaded files.   If your device freezes, a rule of thumb is to back up your custom patches, reset the unit to its factory state, ensure the unit does not freeze while in this state, then load your patches one by one, testing after each load to determine which patch is faulty.   Otherwise, please contact our Customer Support team at www.Line6.com/support/tickets. Please be prepared to supply your backup file so that we can investigate your case further.

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  1. Hi all i have been trying to find reviews of the pod x3 versus mobile pod software with sonic port into an iPad? i wanted to know if the sound quality of a dedicated pod Iike the x3 sounds better than mobile pod on iPad. Anyone got any advice or has tested this comparison. Thanks.
  2. When using a James Tyler Variax Guitar with a PODxt Live, POD X3 Live, or X3 Pro, the POD presets will not recall Variax models as originally saved with a Variax 300, 500, 600, or 700 electric guitars.? You would need to re-save your presets with the desired model with the James Tyler Variax plugged in. When attempting to set the Variax model with a JTV guitar using a POD X3 Live/Pro and GearBox 3.72 software, you will experience a condition where the "Don't Force Model" message appears and will not allow for you to save Variax Model associations to your X3 Live/Pro patch. The current workaround is to save JTV model associations manually (without GearBox open) after you've performed any GearBox-related patch edits/organization. This behavior does not exist with POD HD500 via HD500 Edit; only with the older X3 Live/Pro (GearBox) editing scheme. We apologize for the inconvenience to JTV and X3 Live/Pro owners wishing to use the software editing aspect for Variax model-X3Live/Pro patch associations at this time. Deutsch: Die Nutzung einer James Tyler Variax mit PODxt/X3 Live und X3 Pro. Wenn Sie eine James Tyler Variax Gitarre mit PODxt Live, POD X3 Live oder X3 Pro benutzen, dann werden die POD Presets nicht als Variax Modelle erkannt, welche Sie mit einer Variax 300, 500, 600 oder 700 abgespeichert haben. Zur Lösung müssen Sie die Presets neu abspeichern, während die Gitarre eingesteckt ist. Wenn Sie versuchen das Variax Modell einzustellen auf einem POD X3 Live/Pro und GearBox 3.72, erhalten Sie die Meldung "Don't Force Model", welche es Ihnen nicht mehr erlaubt Ihr Variax Modell-Einstellungen auf das X3 Live/Pro Patch abzuspeichern. Zur Zeit sieht die Problemlösung so aus: Sie müssen die Einstellungen manuell abspeichern (GearBox darf nicht geöffnet sein.) nachdem Sie GearBox jegliche GearBox Patch-Änderungen durchgeführt haben. Dieses Problem exisitiert jedoch nicht bei POD HD500 via HD500 Edit sonder nur mit der älteren X3 Live/Pro GearBox Software. Wir entschuldigen uns hiermit für mögliche Unannehmlichkeiten die bei Nutzern von JTV und X3 Live/Pro entstehen können, die den Software Editing Aspekt benutzten wollen. Français L'utilisation d'une James Tyler Variax avec PODxt/X3 Live et X3 Pro Sie vous utilisez une guitare James tyler Variax avec PODxt Live, POD X3 Live ou X3 Pro, les presets POD ne reconaissent les modèles Variax pas comme enregistré avec une Variax 300, 500, 600 ou 700. Pour resoudre ce problème, vous devez reenregistrer les presets pedant que la guitare JTV est connecté. Si vous éssayez de mettre le modèle Variax avec une JTV en utilisant le POD X3 Live/Pro et le logiciel GearBox 3.72, vous rencontrez le message "Don't Force Model" et vous ne pouvez pas enregistrer les reglages des modèles Variax sur votre patch X3 Live/Pro. La solution: Enregistrez les reglages séparément et manuellement après vous avez faits les éditions des patch GearBox. Cet erreur n'existe pas pour le POD HD500 via HD500 Edit mais seulement avec les X3 Live/Pro. Nous nous excusons pour les inconvénients des utilisateurs JTV et X3 Live/Pro qui veulent utiliser l'aspect d'édition des patch Variax avec X3 Live/Pro.
  3. This release of Gearbox Standalone adds support for Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.6. GearBox Plug-In Support does not apply, please see the following knowledge base article for more details: Gearbox Plug-in Effect: Discontinued New features/changes/fixes in this release: The currently released drivers and Line 6 Monkey with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard support are bundled with this GearBox package. A minor bug which could cause the tonedirect volume to be set to 0 with some patches was fixed. You can download the latest Gearbox release at: http://line6.com/software/ System Requirements: WINDOWS® Pentium® 4, 1.2GHz or better (2.5Ghz or higher recommended) Windows® XP® (with SP2 or better) or Windows® Vista® (32 bit and 64 bit versions are supported) 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended) 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording) USB 1.1 or 2.0 port on computer for connecting Line 6 hardware (USB 2.0 port is required for TonePort UX8 and POD X3 family devices) Internet connection required for activation (once activated, Internet connection is not required, except for access to optional Guitar Port Online membership service). Host application that supports RTAS* or VST Plug-ins (for optional GearBox RTAS/VST Plug-In) MACINTOSH® Intel® or Power PC® based G4 1.5GHz or better (G4 1.67 or better recommended) OS X 10.4 or better 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended) 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording) USB 1.1 or 2.0 port on computer for connecting Line 6 hardware (USB 2.0 port is required for TonePort UX8 and POD X3 family devices) Internet connection required for activation (once activated, Internet connection is not required, except for access to optional Guitar Port Online membership service). Host application that supports RTAS* or AU Plug-ins (for optional GearBox RTAS/AU Plug-In) Known Issues: Master and Record section controls of GearBox app stay active in Tuner mode. They will have no audible effect in Tuner mode, but the application will re-sync all parameters when exiting Tuner mode. GearBox will not always save the correct amp model and/or settings when transferring to an X3 unit. The work-around at this point is to edit a parameter (i.e. move the volume knob up and then back to the original position), and then the tone will store/transfer correctly. GearBox Player will not playback .m4a files. You will need to convert them into .mp3 files. Changing Variax models during ‘Tone Transfer’ with GearBox can cause MIDI device timeout error- please allow Tone Transfer to complete before changing Variax models. GearBox vocal presets default POD X3 input to guitar instead of mic due to them being created prior to POD X3 hardware - the input can be changed once the tone is loaded. GearBox application does not prompt save on application exit - users must remember to save changed tones before exiting the application. GearBox application defaults to Variax Electric panel. If an acoustic or bass is connected, please select the proper Variax type manually to sync software to the attached Variax. Rapid switching of Variax via 5 way selector switch on the guitar can cause the application to fall out of sync with the currently selected Variax model. Tones can get out of sync between POD X3 and Gearbox when doing special case tone selection. This includes tone swap, Lock Tone loading, and choosing to only load Tone 1 or Tone 2 of a patch from the X3 hardware. Please use the GearBox software to choose tones, or double click a different tone in the editor to resync the app and hardware. Gearbox reverts back to American Punk preset upon new launch if last tone is not saved before closing the application. Mac® OS X Exclusive Issues Typing in GuitarPort Online text fields causes system alert sounds. Player cannot open mono audio files. Drive knob redraw in GearBox can be sluggish when controlling Drive from X3 hardware. Turning the knob in GearBox software does not result in sluggish response, only from hardware.
  4. POD X3 Series: Models List

    GUITAR AMPS 1. Line 6 Agro 2. Line 6 Bayou 3. Line 6 Big Bottom 4. Line 6 Boutique #1 5. Line 6 Chemical X 6. Line 6 Chunk Chunk 7. Line 6 Class A 8. Line 6 Clean 9. Line 6 Crunch 10. Line 6 Fuzz 11. Line 6 Insane 12. Line 6 JTS-45 13. Line 6 Lunatic 14. Line 6 Modern Hi Gain 15. Line 6 Mood 16. Line 6 Octave 17. Line 6 Piezacoustic 2 18. Line 6 Purge 19. Line 6 Smash 20. Line 6 Sparkle 21. Line 6 Sparkle Clean 22. Line 6 Spinal Puppet 23. Line 6 Surfer Clean 24. Line 6 Surfer Sparkle 25. Line 6 Throttle 26. Line 6 Treadplate 27. Line 6 Tube Preamp 28. Line 6 Line 6 Twain 29. Line 6 Variax Acoustic 30. 2002 Angel P-Ball 31. 1964 Blackface ?Lux 32. 1963 Blackface Vibro 33. 2002 Bomber Uber 34. Bomber X-TC 35. 1968 Brit Plexi Bass 100 36. Brit Gain 18 37. 2003 Brit Gain J-2000 38. J-2000 #2 39. 1990 Brit J-800 40. 1992 Brit J900 CLN 41. 1992 Brit J900 DIST 42. 1996 Brit JM Pre 43. 1969 Brit Plexi Lead 200 44. 1967 Brit Gain SLVR J 45. 1985 Cali Crunch 46. Citrus D-30 47. 1960 Class A-15 48. Class A-30 Fawn 49. 1967 Classic A30 Top Boost 50. 2003 Connor 50 51. 2002 Criminal 52. 2003 Deity Crunch 53. 2003 Deity Lead 54. 2003 Deity?s Son 55. 2001 Diamond Plate 56. 1967 Double Show 57. 1965 Double Verb 58. 1960 Gibtone Expo 59. 1973 Highway 100 60. 1987 Jazz Clean 61. 1996 Match Chief 62. 1993 Match D-30 63. 1996 Mini Double 64. 1965 Plexi 45 65. 1968 Plexi Jump Lead 66. 1968 Plexi Jump Lead 100 67. 1968 Plexi Variac?D 68. 1967 Silver Twelve 69. 1972 Silverface Bass 70. 1953 Small Tweed 71. 1993 Solo 100 Head 72. 1960s Super O 73. 1962 Super O Thunder 74. 1960 Tiny Tweed 75. 2001 Treadplate Cual 76. 1958 Tweed B-man 77. 1960 Two-Tone 78. 2001 Zen Master 79. NO AMP GUITAR CABS 1x6 60s Super O 1x8 Tiny Tweed 1x10 '59 Gibtone 1x10 '60 G-Brand 1x12 01 Line6 1x12 '53 Small Tweed 1x12 '64 Blackface Vibrolux 1x12 '60 Class A 15 2x2 01 Mini T 2x12 01 Line 6 2x12 '65 Blackface 2x12 '96 Match Chief 2x12 '87 Jazz Clean 2x12 '57 Cleass A-30 4x10 01 Line 6 4x10 '58 Tweed Bassman 4x12 01 Line 6 4x12 '67 Green 20s 4x12 '68 Green 25s 4x12 '78 Brit Celest t-75s 4x12 '96 Brit Celest V30s 4x12 01 Treadplate 1x15 '62 Thunder 2x12 '67 Wishbook No Cabinet GUITAR MICS 1. 57 On Axis 2. 57 Off Axis 3. 421 Dynamic 4. 67 Condenser BASS AMPS 1. Line 6 Brit Invader 2. Line 6 Classic Jazz 3. Line 6 Doppleganger 4. Line 6 Ebony Lux 5. Line 6 Frankenstein 6. Line 6 Sub Dub 7. Line 6 Super Thor 8. Line 6 Tube PreAmp 9. 1998 Adam & Eve 10. 1975 Alchemist 11. 1972 Amp 360 12. 1968 Brit Bass 13. 1965 Brit Class A 100 14. 1969 British Major 15. 2003 California 16. 1964 Double Show 17. 1989 Eighties 18. 1968 Flip Top 19. 1973 Highway 100 20. 1971 Highway 200 21. 2003 Jaguar 22. 1998 Jazz Tone 23. 1967 Motor City 24. 1974 Rock Classic 25. 1967 Silverface Bass 26. 1978 Stadium 27. 2002 Studio Tone 28. 1958 Tweed B-Man BASS CABS 1. BASS-1X12 Boutique 2. BASS-1x12 Motor City 3. BASS-1x15 Flip Top 4. BASS-1x15 Jazz Tone 5. BASS-1x18 Session 6. BASS-1x18 Amp 360 7. BASS-1x18 California 8. BASS-1x18+12 Stadium 9. BASS-2x10 Modern UK 10. BASS-2x15 Doubleshow 11. BASS-2x15 California 12. BASS-2x15 Class A 13. BASS-4x10 Line 6 14. BASS-4x10 Tweed 15. BASS-4x10 Adam & Eve 16. BASS-4x10 Silvertone 17. BASS-4x10 Session 18. BASS-4x12 Highway 19. BASS-4x12 Green 20s 20. BASS-4x12 Green 25s 21. BASS-4x15 Big Boy 22. BASS-8x10 Classic 23. BASS-No Cabinet BASS MICS 1. 20 Dynamic 2. 112 Dynamic 3. 47 Tube Close 4. 47 Tube Close WAH 1. Vetta Wah 2. Fassel 3. Weeper 4. Chrome 5. Chrome Custom 6. Throaty 7. Conductor 8. Colorful STOMP 1. DISTORTION Facial Fuzz 2. DISTORTION Fuzz Pi 3. DISTORTION Screamer 4. DISTORTION Classic Distortion 5. DISTORTION Octave Fuzz 6. DISTORTION Killer Z 7. DISTORTION Tube Drive 8. DISTORTION Boost + EQ 9. DISTORTION Bass Overdrive 10. DISTORTION Bronze Master 11. DYNAMICS Red Comp 12. DYNAMICS Blue Comp 13. DYNAMICS Blue Comp Treb 14. DYNAMICS Vetta Comp 15. DYNAMICS Vetta Juice 16. DYNAMICS Auto Swell 17. DYNAMICS Female De-Esser 18. DYNAMICS Male De-Esser 19. FILTER Auto Wah 20. FILTER Dingo Tron 21. FILTER Clean Sweep 22. FILTER Seismik Synth 23. FILTER Double Bass 24. FILTER Buzz Wave 25. FILTER Rez Synth 26. FILTER Saturn 5 Ring Mod 27. FILTER Synth Analog 28. FILTER Synth FX 29. FILTER Synth Harmony 30. FILTER Synth Lead 31. FILTER Synth String 32. FILTER Sub Octaves 33. FILTER Bender MOD 1. Sine Chorus 2. Analog Chorus 3. Line 6 Flanger 4. Jet Flanger 5. Phaser 6. U-Vibe 7. Opto Tremolo 8. Bias Tremolo 9. Rotary Drum + Horn 10. Rotary Drum 11. Auto Pan 12. Analog Square Chorus 13. Stereo Square Chorus 14. Stereo Expo Chorus 15. Random Chorus 16. Stereo Square Flange 17. Expo Flange 18. Lumpy Phase 19. Hi Talk 20. Sweeper 21. POD Purple X 22. Random S & H 23. Tape Eater 24. Warble-Matic DELAYS 1. Analog Delay 2. Analog with Modulation 3. Tube Echo 4. Multi-Head Delay 5. Sweep Echo 6. Digital Delay 6. Stereo Delay 7. Ping Pong Delay 8. Reverse Delay 9. Echo Platter 10. Tape Echo 11. Low Rez Delay 12. Phaze Echo 13. Bubble Echo VERB 1. 'Lux Spring 2. Standard Spring 3. King Spring 4. Small Room 5. Tiled Room 6. Brite Room 7. Dark Hall 8. Medium Hall 9. Large Hall 10. Rich Chamber 11. Chamber 12. Cavernous 13. Slap Plate 14. Vintage Plate 15. Large Plate