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  1. In 2.8 when switching between snapshots bass and mid on amp values turned to maximum. On helix display it looks in 2000 and 90000, on HX editor 10.0. Please help!
  2. vypole


    Tuner in 2.8 blinks when tuning 5 and 6 strings on all guitars(
  3. deleted helix driver, than installed full hx edit pack and it worked)
  4. Followed instructions on 2.8 update, but “Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" for two hours, what should i do?
  5. vypole


    when i switch to neck pickup it less jumpy but still has problems with accuracy anyway switching to neck pickup every time i tune guitar is really annoying, especially for such expensive gear like helix
  6. vypole


    different results with guitar tone turning knob and pickups switching. kemper, pod hd500, X3Live and other 3 tuners that i have does not behave that way
  7. vypole


    Tuner in helix is awful, it even reacts on tone knob! All previous PODs has better tuners..
  8. Here my new dual cab presets! It's Rectifier rhythm distortion with DrZ amd Mesa cabs: https://vk.com/doc51278603_454534925 Orange amp with Hiwatt and ENGL cabs with delay/reverb for solo playing: https://vk.com/doc51278603_454534965 You can check this two presets in the mix in the first minute of this video:
  9. Some FREE post-metal/rock Helix presets in attached files AD2.zip helix presets.zip
  10. recording process: and presets: http://line6.com/customtone/search/?submitted=1&family=&search_term=vypole
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