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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys I'm sure many of you have seen my video on getting great reverb sounds over on some other forums, but I totally forgot that this forum existed and figured I'd share it here as well with you all. I go in-depth on a setup I created that allows you to get some really nice complex sounding modulated reverbs that I feel are a step up from HX reverbs that were added recently. Let me know what you think, and if you want to check it out there's a patch link in the description box. The description also has time stamps to jump around in case you don't want to watch the whole thing front to end :) I just finished up another video on snapshots I'll post in a separate thread. Anyways, love my Helix and thought I'd share!
  2. Hi all, I'm here asking you: Which are the most strange, weird, ambient or just noisy patches you ever heard or created on your Helix? I'd like to hear things that Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead) or Adrian Belew, Adam Jones (Tool), or others you may know, would have created. I mean patches like these Factory ones and even more weird: Dr. Strange, X Ray, Rezz Score, Low E Sludge, Nesbit, Dramatic Scene, all the SFX patches, Hairy Air Thank you
  3. Hi folks, I'm very curious about creative use of new poly sustain. It's very dsp hungry, as we know, so I can't figure how really I could manage it. For example, I would like to set a clean sound as pedal and sustain it, and then soloing over it with a distorted tone, without altering the pedal sound. I appreciated the CraigGT patch uploaded in topic above... but I expect your tips and suggestions Poly Sustain Momentary press to catch sample
  4. recording process: and presets:
  5. Hey guys, These days I am experimenting with some ambient patches and I am just trying to work with the Smart Harmony Effect and create something usable our of it, but I just can't. I don't even know what its parameters do and I can't find any instructions on the internet as well. Could anyone shed some light upon this Smart Harmony Effect? I was thinking about using it for ambient patches, like I said. Thanks!
  6. I created some new ambient sounds with the HD500 and made a demo video: Here are the tones: Mostly it's just Auto Volume Delay with long feedback, masses of reverb and compression with various effects for spices. I control the feedback of the delay with the expression pedal to keep chords ringing as long as I wish, and to turn it down for switching chords.
  7. Some very cool sounds here. The settings are at the end of the video. They are blurry at first but become clear right before the end. I've confirmed they are correct.
  8. Does anyone have any nice ambient pad type patches for the X3, drenched in Reverb and delay pretty much like this: Is is possible to stack more than 2 verbs and delays together to make ambient pads, I'm guessing dual tone would be the way to go? Anyone with knowledge on getting ambient sounds pads/drones, that would be appreciated :)
  9. Hi group. I have perused a number of ambient sounds from "custom tone", and it's not doing for me. I use to have the POD XT Live and I had a pretty good ambient sound that I made. It seemed to work with most genres. I can't seem to create something I Like with the POD HD 500X - go figure. I love this new unit..... Any help would be awesome to get me pointed in the right direction. Thanks dH
  10. Ok so a lot of people may be going "derp what an idiot" but i am really clueless with this right now! (bare in mind i use the POD HD PRO rack unit and don't have a pedal board/controller) Does anybody here know how to get cubase 5 to midi control the POD HD PRO tone channels so when I hit play on Cubase it automates the guitar tones to change on the POD HD PRO unit e.g....(Bar 1 - 17 clean tone) then when it hits bar 17 the tone changes to "overdrive" for example. I assume that it's done using a midi channel on cubase and using the key editor to punch it in but i'm pretty lost with it, so any information would be great! (step by step process and equipment needed would be ideal) CHEEERS!
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