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  1. Dear friend,


    I've tried to contact you several times on youtube, facebook, I love your ambient tones. I've downloaded all available in custom tone but the ones you have on youtube (for POD HD 500 and POD X3) are no longer available... Can you share them with me? Thank you so much

  2. A post-rock cliche patch. Reverb, delay, distortion, volume pedal, into a clean Fender amp. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2241788/
  3. When I play live with my post-metal band Consciousness Removal Project, I use the HD500 just as a virtual pedalboard between my guitar and my Monster tube amp. The amp is set on the edge of overdrive and I use the Tube Drive model for extra distortion and boost. Sometimes also Fuzz Face or the basic Overdrive. I use a lot of delay and the Analog w/mod is my favourite. Out of other effects, Script Phase, some Bias Trem, some reverbs, wah, pitch glide, ring mod etc. here and there. Tube Comp is also useful every now and then. When I record demos I record straight. The Hiway 100 model works usually well. When I record the actual albums I use real pedals as well, because I like the uniqueness and ability to tweak the knobs.
  4. Just take an instrument cable (the same kind of a cable you use to connect your guitar to the Pod) and plug it between the Pod output L and Focusrite input 1. If you want to record in stereo, take another similar cable and connect Pod Output R to Focusrite input 2.
  5. Something else than your usual Tom Morello / Korn / Jonny Greenwood stuff Detuning, Whammy Bar, "Bad Tape" effect, Triple Octave Riffing, Adding another octave discreetlly to solos... http://andy.kapsi.fi/line6/AnttiLoponen-Line6HD500-PitchGlide.zip
  6. Simulating a bass with your guitar takes a bit more than just a bass octaver, here's an example
  7. Sometimes you get a richer sound by combining two amps with different settings. Here's some examples http://andy.kapsi.fi/line6/AnttiLoponen-Line6HD500-DualTones.zip
  8. Here's an ambient song played on a guitar through HD500, over a synth drone. The patch is based on "Particlebient" from this thread.
  9. http://andy.kapsi.fi/line6/AnttiLoponen-Line6HD500-Synth-Tones.zip Here are the patches finally!
  10. I haven't tried with HD, but when I was using my XT with amp modelings into a guitar amp I'd always keep the cab models on. I tried many times without them but it was just a horrible sizzle.
  11. Created some synth patches with the HD500. Adding intelligent harmonizers and octavers made up beautiful organs and pads, whereas Octisynth and others made some disturbing and haunting soundscapes. Patches coming later for download.
  12. Thanks! I used to be a frequent poster (with my real name Antti Loponen) on the old Line6 forums but somehow never posted much on this system.
  13. Just do not use any amps. At least do not use any cabs, as they alter the frequency response radically and you'll end up having a "radio effect" on your vocals. If anything, I'd use gently the Tube Comp and maybe some EQ effects, but if you are unsure of what you're doing, just record straight and apply effects afterwards. Vintage Pre could also work, but try how it sounds with and without it. Probably the presets always have some sort of amp, unless there is a "New Tone" or "User" preset which could be completely blank. Otherwise you just need to turn everything off.
  14. It's a different way of eq'ing. If you apply EQ before the amp, it's like one would use an EQ pedal. It affects how the guitar interacts with the amp, it may make the amp distort in a certain way. Cutting bass before the amp can give you a smoother distortion. Also, boosting extreme highs before an amp is nonefficient, as the guitar speaker (modeling) cuts most frequencies after 6khz or so. With post-amp eq, you could boost those high frequencies, making a sort of supernatural guitar sound. Pre-amp eq will always be less brutal, as the amp and speaker will put the final stamp on the sound. At the same time, resonant bumps can occur and you may want to smooth them out with eq after the amp. There's no rules, just follow your ears, use what sounds the best.
  15. I'm using my HD500 for two things. When we play live I use it as a virtual pedalboard between my guitar and my amp. When I record demos, I use it also as an amp modeler. I have a hand-made Monster tube amp which is a lot like a Hiwatt but with more versatility, a very big and flat (in a good way) sound with nice distortion. I have it set semi-driven and add distortion from the HD500 (Tube Drive model) to drive it further. When I record demos, I use the Hiway 100 and/or JCM 800 model to imitate it. In our style, all the effects work nicely before the amp, like they were pedals. I use lots of delay (Analog w/mod is my fave model) and reverb (usually Spring before the amp). Auto volume delay is very typical. Octo/Particle Verb, phaser, tremolo, whammy, ring mod, they all have their places here and there during the set. I make patches and/or banks for each song. Usually the delay tempo and feedback are what require their own patch. For most patches, FS1 has distortion, FS3 has delay and FS4 has reverb. FS2 is dedicated to some "effect", be it phaser or extra distortion. Wah is usually accessible through Exp Toe. This way I have best of both worlds for pre-programmability and improvisation, I can always quickly add a delay if I feel like it. I've also taken much time in adjusting the footswitches so I can go from a boosted distorted tone into clean with delay and other effects with one button, and have delays and reverbs trailing. I also often use the volume pedal or have the expression control some parameter. I've found my favourite way to make a clean tone to put my guitar (Gibson SG) on the neck pickup and brighten it up with the Blue Comp Treb. There's just something magical about that combination. You can hear some HD500 stuff on my band's latest album: https://consciousnessremovalproject.bandcamp.com/album/tacit It's instrumental post-rock/metal.
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